Sticking Together

It has been about three weeks since the tragic bombing in Boston, Mass., but for many the chaos still feels recent. Cities reverted to lock-down statuses, police worked tirelessly through the night and public officials led the nation through a time of pain and terror.

At Andover, the sheer proximity of the attack, just 27 miles away from school, evoked a personal connection between the victims and the members of this community.

Over the past two weeks, a number of Andover students and faculty members stepped up to donate their time and money, raising awareness and encouraging support for the victims and their families.

Olivia LaMarche ’16 and Peyton McGovern ’16 ran in relay-style from Copley Square in Boston back to Andover’s campus, a combined 26.2 mile trek. The girls also raised over $2,000 for The One Fund, an organization established by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to help the people most affected by the tragic bombings. Finder’s Keepers, a student-formed Andover band, raised over $200 for the cause playing in Boston Commons last Sunday. Monica O’Reilly-Jacob, wife of Joel Jacob, Instructor in Mathematics, organized a two mile walk from the Bell Tower to the Andover Memorial Hall Library. Non Sibi Society held a fundraiser in the lobby of Paresky Commons to support the family members of Martin Richard, an 8-year-old victim of the Boston bombings.

The outpouring of kindness has come not only from Andover, but also from around the world as people have expressed their support through moments of silence, charities and other initiatives of respect. These individuals and groups deserve our commendation not only for their dedication and compassion, but also for instilling in all of us a deep sense of community. They have brought both Boston and Andover together in a network of support and cooperation.

If we are to take a lesson away from the tragedy in Boston, let it be to continue fostering this sense of community at Andover. It is the smaller acts of kindness and determination like those of Monica, Olivia, Peyton, Finder’s Keepers and the Non Sibi Society, that keep us together and connect us with the greater national and international communities.

This Editorial represents the views of The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVI.

Editor’s Note

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Stephen T. Moreland IV

Editor in Chief vol. CXXXVI