Course at Exeter Proves Challenging

This week the Boys A Division riders raced well at the Exeter Time Trials, finishing with a sixth place finish by Logan Blaine ’14 and Ian Whittall ’14, and a ninth place finish by Captain Sean Burkitt ’14 and Nicholas Swenson ’15.

Whittall and Blaine finished with an impressive time of 25:29.8, which rivaled that of the fourth and fifth place finishers. Burkitt and Swenson finished with a time of 25:58.0.

The girls team continued to dominate the A Division with a second place finish by Captain Rachel Whittenberg ’13 and Zoe Chazen ’14. The pair ended with a time of 18:27.7, 14 seconds ahead of the third place pair.

The course proved to be challenging and hard to maneuver through, resulting in multiple crashes. Nona Velez ’13, Swenson, Blaine and Daniel Lee ’14 all fell victim to this treacherous course.

“This season started out a little rough at Holderness with shifting and gear issues which left me without a lot of the higher gears and therefore speed on flats and downhills.” said Burkitt. “I think in the coming races, specifically KMS, my results should be more reflective of how I have trained prior to the season opening. I pulled for most of the race and Nick did a great job holding on for the wild ride through a course that saw upwards of 20 crashes on race day.”

Coach Samuel Zaeder said, “Boys A, B and C riders missed some decisive breaks in the race, and so their final placement suffered as a result. Girls A riders, Rachel and Zoe, finished second and third. Scoring is three deep per field so Rachel and Zoe will not be in contention to win the girls A category because we have only two in the field.”

The Boys A team has already shown some great improvement so far this season. After a strong start, the Girls A team was able to come out with a second place finish in the Exeter time trials.

Cycling will race on May 4 at Exeter once again. The Girls A team will hope to continue to finish in the top three, and the boys hope to build off their first two races and make a top three finish.