Boat One Gives Up Dent Oars to Kent

This past Saturday, Andover Boys Crew tasted both victory and defeat in its annual race against rival Kent. B2 rowed a clean and efficient race and stayed together as a unit. Their preparation paid off when they won with a time of 4:58.8. However, B1 suffered a disappointing loss and was forced to hand over the Dent Oars, a prize awarded to the winner of the first race between Andover and Kent. “We had a very tight race. We all moved together and felt the common motion,” said Chandler Washburn ’16, a rower on B2. The closest race of the day was when B2 was able to pull ahead of Kent by just three seconds. “Kent tried to make some moves on us, but my boat [B2] was able to hold them off for the win,” said Jake Rauh ’14. “The boat is working very well as one, and we have a great group of guys,” said Greer Sallick ’14. However, Saturday was not as successful for B1, which lost by 4.9 seconds. The rowers were overcome with the pressure to beat Kent and did not handle the pressure well or row as efficiently as a boat. “We do not think that it was a reflection on how we had been rowing during the week,” said Aaron Finder ’13. “We weren’t together as a boat and didn’t keep our heads. It was just an off day for everyone.” Despite their disappointment, the oarsmen are determined to use the race to improve. Because it was only the first race of the season, there is plenty of time to improve and reinforce camaraderie. “We were quick to recognize our mistakes after the race finished, so we are really looking forward to racing them again at New England’s,” said Franco D’Agostino ’13. “We are ready to get back on the water and prove ourselves,” said Captain Henry Kennelly ’13. Both boats are looking to better their times and are excited for what the season has in store for them. “There is a lot of work to do, but we are all on board to do it,” said Head Coach Peter Washburn. B1 hopes to get fitter, stronger and improve its rating. “There is a great sense of camaraderie in the boat, and if we keep working hard as a unit throughout the season, we’ll definitely get the speed we’re looking for,” said D’Agostino. Andover Crew takes on St. John’s, Simsbury and Exeter in an away race this Saturday. “Exeter will be good competition next week. We are looking to go into the race more focused and relaxed,” said Finder.