String of Event Wins Pushes Track Over Andover High

Derek Yau ’15 leaped his way to victory in both the triple jump and long jump, earning the Andover Boys Track team 10 points in a 72-59 victory over Andover High.

Scott Diekema ’14 ran a 4:35.55 in the 1500m, placing first, Matt Fischetti ’14 won the 400m dash and 300m hurdles and Co-Captain Babatunde Bello ’13 won the 100m.

In the field section of the meet, Justin Aimonetti ‘13 won the shot put with a throw of 48.1.25 and placed in third in the discus.

Aimonetti said, “This was a tremendous start. I saw huge improvements in the young guys and great improvement in the guys who have been with us since winter track. We had a lot of fun, but we have to get back to work and focus on our form because we were a little sloppy on our technique.”

Unlike the boys, the girls were not able to defeat AHS and suffered a 95-36 defeat.

In the girls meet, Alysandria Wayne ’14 won the 1500m and Charlie Jarvis won the 400m race with a time of 1:04.36. Jarvis noted that the girls team was depleted because of some injuries.

“Because some of our players were hurt, we weren’t able to put together a 4x400m relay team and missed out on scoring in several different events,” said Jarvis.

“There are a lot of openings on the team and a lot of opportunities for some of our younger athletes. Camille Little [’16] stepped up, and Caroline Shipley [’16] was really good,” continued Jarvis.

Little won the 100m race, and Shipley finished in third place in the 400m.

“More time in practice will help us adjust to the new team dynamic, and hopefully we can get stronger and pull out the win next time,” said Jarvis. “And the boys team is very strong this year, which definitely encourages us and pushes us to perform at our best.”

Aimonetti also added that he feels like the throwers and jumpers have developed great chemistry.

“I feel like what we needed to work on most has already been worked on. Our team chemistry was what we needed to strengthen, and we really bonded on Saturday, which will lead to even better results next time.”

In total, the boys team placed first in 11 events, and Andover High won four events. The girls team won five events, while the Andover High girls won 10 events.

Andover Track will travel to a meet against Deerfield and Taft on Saturday.