Perkins and Williams Elected First Co-Presidents

After three rounds of voting, a flurry of Letters to the Editor, a final debate at All-School Meeting and 874 counted ballots, Clark Perkins ’14 and Junius Williams ’14 became the first School Co-Presidents at Andover.

The results of the Co-Presidential race for the 2013-2014 school year were released to the Andover community via e-mail from Hemang Kaul ’13, current School President, and posted on The Phillipian’s website.

Farris Peale ’14 and Ben Yi ’14 comprised the runner-up pair. Unlike the runner-ups of previous years, they will not serve on Student Council next year, according to the recently rewritten Student Council Constitution.

The final round of voting opened on Wednesday after All-School Meeting (ASM), during which the two final pairs debated questions posed by Rolando Bonachea ’13, Vice President of Student Council, and MJ Engel ’13, Executive Secretary of Student Council. Voting closed at 10:30 p.m. that night and both candidate pairs received calls from Kaul revealing the results.

“We will address [more] matters as a team. With the thought process that two minds are better than one, we believe that together we will more efficiently and effectively achieve meaningful progress on Student Council,” wrote Perkins in an e-mail to The Phillipian.

“Clark and I plan to bring efficiency and meaningful discourse to Student Council. This year’s Co-Presidential job description encompasses a range of functions. We will not only liaise between students and administrators, but will also work with faculty and staff. Moreover, our role will be to represent the Academy at public events,” wrote Williams in an e-mail to The Phillipian.

Williams said the first item on their agenda will be rewriting the Student Council Constitution. Other plans in Perkins and William’s platform includes BluePrint, a wireless printing initiative, abolishing 8:00 p.m. sign-in for Uppers, athletics integration into the administrations office, an online club search and an online Textbook marketplace.

“Before we actually begin tackling our platform ideas, we need to rewrite the Student Council Constitution. The review committee has worked extensively on establishing the new co-presidential model, but now we need to enact other structural changes,” wrote Williams.

“The challenge will be to establish a sustainable, long-term structure. The co-presidential reform is only the first step; we need to redefine and restructure the roles of Class Representatives and cabinet positions. We need to establish definite and concrete mechanisms for student to administration discourse,” Williams continued.

Perkins and Williams will decide on cabinet positions after rewriting the constitution.

“We hope to create both clerical and communications positions. There are various tasks which will need to be accomplished, namely the recording of minutes, the managing of archives, the publication and codification of official Student Council opinions and the dissemination of Student Council documents and publications to the public,” wrote Perkins.

Perkins wrote, “We look forward to working with Mr. Palfrey, Mrs. Sykes, Mr. Murphy and many others in a professional setting. Having real, meaningful discussions on policy and reform will bring us great joy.”

Peale and Yi’s ideas included a later start time, a promotion of inter-cluster competition, longer library hours on Friday and Saturday, online votes on Paresky Commons food, the reinstallation of Andover Ask Forum and online grades and comments.

“I hope [the co-presidency] works,” said Kaul. “I’m excited to see what Clark and Junius will do in the coming year. Im proud of all of the candidates, and very thankful to those who participated.Student Council is in good hands. I think that this election cycle has shown us how much students want to engage in these matters now and in the future.”