Paresky Commons: First Floor to Remain Closed for Brunch

Last Saturday, students, faculty and staff walked into Paresky Commons to find only the second floor open. Only the second floor servery will be open on Saturdays and Sunday Brunch for the remainder of the academic year. Lower Left will also remain open during brunch according to Senior Director of Paresky Dining Paul Robarge. This change was made after a discussion with Paresky’s managers, culinary team and Robarge. “Part of the benefit of the renovation to Paresky Commons [in 2009] is the flexibility to use the space in a creative and potentially more efficient manner,” said Robarge. The change to Paresky’s weekend layout will allow for Paresky to staff and service weekend meals more efficiently, according to Robarge. This recent switch to second floor service on weekends is part of Paresky’s goal in moving forward in creating a better dining program. “The only way we will be capable of doing so is to make small operational changes that have very little impact to the overall quality and variety of menu options currently being served,” said Robarge.