Scott Hoenig Appointed as New Dean of Advising

Scott Hoenig, Instructor in Mathematics, will succeed Kate Dolan as Assistant Dean of Advising beginning this summer.

Dolan will assume her new position as West Quad South (WQS) Cluster Dean next fall.

John Rogers, Dean of Studies, and Trish Russell, incoming Dean of Studies, made the final decision to appoint Hoenig to the position, according to Hoenig.

The Assistant Dean of Advising oversees Andover’s advising program and serves as a liaison to other offices on campus, such as the Admission Office, College Counseling Office and department chairs, on matters relating to advising. Hoenig will also chair the Advising Council, which grants approval to students wishing to take either four or six classes and oversees the Abbot Independent Scholars Program, according to Hoenig.

“Mr. Hoenig has years of experience working with students in many capacities, including teaching, advising, house counseling and coaching. He is an organized, thoughtful, diligent educator who will bring these qualities to bear in this role as he has in all of his other roles on campus. He has earned the respect of his students and his colleagues and will have their trust in overseeing this important program,” wrote Rogers in an e-mail to The Phillipian.

The position was open to all returning faculty members and Hoenig was one of four who applied for the position. Assistant Dean for Advising rotates every six years.

According to Hoenig, he submitted his interest through e-mail, and then was invited for interviews with Rodgers and Russell, as well as members of the Dean of Studies office, such as Deborah Olander, Scheduling Officer, Cynthia Stewart, Office Manager, and Anne Burgess, Assistant Registrar.

Hoenig said he applied because it was the perfect opportunity for him to get involved in new areas of the school.

“I am most looking forward to getting to know the school in a different way, interacting with colleagues in new ways, and also being involved in new areas of the school which I am not currently involved in. I am excited to not only learn about, but also work with various different offices on campus,” said Hoenig.

Although he does not have specific plans to restructure the current system of advising, the strategic planning process that the school will complete next year, may spark discussion about changes to the advising system in the future, according to Hoenig.

“Most of my ideas have to do with trying to figure out what advisors want or what advisors think would be beneficial to them completing their job. I want to learn how to gather that information, and how I can help support the advisors,” he continued.

Hoenig said he hopes to continue to support advisors and also to adapt the job as technology and times change. He hopes to make it easier for advisors to do their job well.

According to Hoenig, Dolan helped implement the electronic advising system which allows advisors to submit student course selection forms online.

“Ms. Dolan has been great about not only creating connections between her office and the other offices on campus, but also being a mentor, guide and resource to the advisors. I would love to be able to do the job as well as she has done,” Hoenig added.

Hoenig began his career at Andover in 1998 as a teaching fellow. Aside from a two-year stint earning a master’s degree in mathematics from Boston University, he has been teaching and coaching at Andover since.

Currently, Hoenig teaches math, is Head Coach of the Varsity Ultimate team, oversees the JV Ultimate program, is Coach of the JV Water Polo team and is a House Counselor and academic advisor to Junior boys in Rockwell North.

According to Hoenig, the role of Assistant Dean of Advising will replace two of his current math classes, so he will only be teaching one math class. Aside from that, Hoenig will maintain all of his other responsibilities on campus.

Hoenig has also been on the House Counselor Committee for approximately 10 years, has served on the Athletic Council, and currently is the Junior House Counselor coordinator.