New Coach, New Season

Headed by captains Emily Carrolo ’13 and Dory Jones ’13, Andover Girls Crew has high expectations for the 2013 season.

Joseph Bouscaren will become Head Coach and lead the team through a challenging, yet fun and exciting season. Last year’s Head Coach, former Princeton rower Sallie Batchelor, has stepped down for the season.

With new and returning rowers, the team has made major changes to its boat lineups to make for a promising season that will improve several aspects of the team’s racing.

Newcomer Victoria Everett ’14 has earned a spot on the G1 boat, and hopes to help boost the team towards a championship with the help of her teammates.

“We’re off to a strong start, and the girls are all putting in serious effort. I anticipate a strong season as we have a fresh set of legs and great chemistry in both boats,” said Colby Fagan ’14. “We just started in the water last Friday, and already the set in both boats is coming together.

Fagan, who rowed Varsity her Junior year, will be leading the boat with great strength and capability.

“As we progress through the season, we want to increase boat strength both mentally and physically. We’ve committed ourselves to being a strong, serious team this year, and we are all shooting for one goal: to bring the Girls Andover Crew team back on top. I have an enormous amount of faith in everyone of the girls on this team,” said Fagan.

Last year, the team experienced several surprises, and they struggled early in the season, trailing behind Kent and Exeter anywhere from fifteen to 55 seconds.

The team closed out the season with a disappointing record of 1-4, but did much better than anticipated at NEIRAS. The team’s G1 and G2 boats placed 11th and sixth respectively.

The girls are ready to step their game up a notch, especially after construction of the brand new boathouse, complete with a kitchen, bathrooms, changing room, and permanent docks for the crew boats, has finally ended. The boat house’s relocation to a much calmer spot on the Merrimack River will neutralize some of the weather variability of crew practices.

The new boathouse is expected to energize the team in time for a strong season. However, the team still has a lot of work to do to accomplish its goal of getting the team back on top.

“It is going to take serious effort and focus from every girl on the team to produce the results we all want. We are going to push each other to our limits and make great strides to come out on top this season,” said Fagan.

The team will look for a win on Saturday during its scrimmage against Essex.