Andover JV Girls Hockey finished its season with a 5-3 loss to Exeter on Saturday, bringing its record to 4-9. Over the course of the season, Andover struggled to score goals, but had exceptional team chemistry both on and off the ice. The team had difficulty at the beginning of the season, losing its first two games before winning in its third one. Andover worked to improve its skating and passing skills and Coaches Kate Dolan and Brian Faulk were innovative and created new drills that helped the team develop efficient passing. “We all improved a lot, especially skating wise,” said Alexandra Donovan ’13. “Tryouts were messy, and by the end of the season, we were playing like a team. Our coaches are so solid and help us improve, and they push us everyday.” Seniors Gina Sawaya ’13, Donovan and Emily Jia ’13 tapped into years of experience to help teach the rest of the team and prepare it for the speed and skill required to face off against other teams. Andover, however, prized itself on team chemistry off the ice. During the season, the team learned how to transfer its chemistry off the ice to the rink and was able to win three more games. “There’s only so much you can do in physical training,” said Hanover Vale ’15. “The team, the way it is and the way we connected on the ice, was due to the fact that we were so bonded and such a family.” “The locker room dynamic was incredible, and we were just bonding all the time, on the ice and off,” said Donovan. “It paid off for us in the end. Our last game against Exeter was one of the most incredible games I’ve ever played, and we didn’t win. That’s how good playing with our team felt, no matter what.” Andover worked hard to keep the up the chemistry and good spirits throughout the season. The team participated in multiple psychs and even performed an “Ice, Ice Baby” dance at the Winter Pep-Rally. “JV Puck is the epitome of what it means to be a good team,” said Stephanie Petrella ’13. “We might not have had the best record, and we certainly aren’t outstanding at hockey, but we’re supportive, we have fun and we never give up. From our crazy psychs and hilarious pep rally, JV Puck has without a doubt been one of most enjoyable experiences of my Andover career.”