Cluster Basketball All-Stars

The Green Machine’s Justin Stachtiaris ’13 was on fire, hitting six threes against the Maroon Monkeys in the Cluster Basketball Championship this past Thursday.

“Justin was a huge piece of the victory,” said David Gaetano ’15, a member of the Green Machine. “He was a big part of the season and carried over his dominant play to the playoffs and ultimately led us to victory.”

The Green Machine topped the Maroon Monkeys 36-28 in the Championship.

“It was the biggest basketball game of our lives, and we took advantage of the opportunity,” said Gaetano. “I enjoyed my first year of Cluster, and we kicked some serious butt.”

The Maroon team was disappointed with the loss.

“As to what happened in the finals, why we lost, I have no comment other than that there was some poor reffing, and that [The Green Machine] played a heck of a game,” said Shin Jae Lee ’13, a member of the Maroon Monkeys. “[We] couldn’t have chosen a better team to lose to.”

Although part of the losing team, Lee reached his All-Star level with style.

“What it comes down to is buckets, not fancy schmancy double crossover 360 reverse windmill slams. Man, that’s worth just as much as my silky smooth pull-up jumper, and less than my three point dagger,” said Lee. “I’m the best there ever was, and that has a lot to do with lookin’ good. Do you think my boy Jordan could’ve been the best if he didn’t look swag-tastic everyday? Heck no. Look good, feel good, play good, and I did just that.”

Green was all over Maroon from the start and played strong defense. They also capitalized on offensive opportunities.

By halftime, Green was ahead of Maroon by six points.

The Green Machine’s MVP, Lucia McGloin ’13, dominated both ends of the court throughout the entire game. McGloin put the team on her back, and it showed in the final score.

“We had no one to stop the force of a woman [like] Lucia McGloin,” said All-Star Josh Murphy ’15.

“As the only girl [on my team], I felt like the mamma bear, and they were all my adolescent cubs, battling for survival.” said McGloin. “Yes, the game got feisty, but we held our own and launched our team to victory. Shout out to freshman year JBall for refining my basketball skills. I felt it really translate on the court.”

On the other end of the court, Maroon’s lone female All-Star Josselyn De Leon ’13 held her own as well.

“On the court, I am just like any other player out there. Cluster Basketball may be a male dominated sport, but the girls who play have as much game as any of the boys,” said De Leon. “My fellow teammates definitely understood that. Overall, the boys and I entered the battle strong, and even though we experienced defeat, the camaraderie and respect for one another remains intact.”

Despite the loss, Maroon is still proud of its ability to make it through a long season and advance so far in the playoffs.

“Maroon team’s season has been one of overcoming adversity. We started the season 0-5, but somehow squeaked into the second seed,” said Murphy. “Heading into the tourney, the other teams were questioning our dominance, but we knew the Finals were in the cards, at least. Ever since the day I snubbed South Beach for the Maroon team I’ve been dreaming of tossing on the beloved maroon jersey on the big stage.”

Maroon was not put down by the loss and hopes to come back next year with a vengeance.

“It was an unbelievable season. As a team we had great chemistry and played really well together. Next year the experience we gained from the loss in the Finals will help us to make another run at the Championship,” said Luke Stidham ’14, a member of the Maroon team.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to pull out with the W, but I will always be a Maroon squad member at heart, and I look forward to getting the ring next year,” added Murphy.