Campus Briefing

### Gelb Science Center: Astronomist Explains Human Light Pollution

Dr. Douglas Arion, Director of the Carthage Institute of Astronomy and the President of Galileoscope LLC, spoke to Andover students about the human connections with the universe and the importance of preserving the night sky.“If you closely examine the size of our planet and then compare that to the whole universe, it makes you think about how insignificant we truly are,” said Arion. Arion emphasized how celestial events significantly affect the behavior of animals, the appearance of living things and the structure of nature. According to Arion, satellite images of Earth show that humans overuse light energy, and cause the deterioration of living conditions for people, plants and animals.

Arion was invited to Andover by Caroline Odden, Instructor in Physics and Astronomy, who met him at the American Astronomical Society meeting in January, and James Falese ’14, who will work with Arion on an Independent Project next term. Odden had worked with Arion previously during their research about Asteroid 9883. Earlier that day, Arion joined the Physics 530 Astronomy Research class to talk about being a professional astronomer. An open house at the observatory was planned but cancelled due to cloudy and rainy weather.

### Model United Nations: Andover MUN Takes 16 Individual Awards

Debating global issues, discussing conflicts in midnight crisis sessions and writing resolutions on behalf of their respective countries, 40 members of Andover Model United Nations (MUN) participated in the 12th annual Boston Invitational MUN (BosMUN) conference that took place last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hosted by Boston University’s International Affairs Association, BosMUN drew 1,400 high school students to discuss international issues and conflicts with peers in different mock committees that mirrored diplomatic forums like the United Nations Security Council and the Organization of American States.

“In some committees, there were midnight crisis sessions, when students are woken up at midnight and brought back to their committee rooms to debate some more,” said Maia Hirschler ’13, co-head of Andover MUN. Model United Nations: Andover MUN Takes 16 Individual Awards

“[BosMUN] is a way to use the debate skills that we hone over the year and to use them in a new setting with new competition. We get to see how we do as a team and as individuals on a national stage,” said MJ Engel ’13, co-head of MUN.

After three days of debate, Andover received 16 individual delegate awards. Samuel Green ’13, Junius Williams ’14 and Dan Wang ’14 took first place, receiving Best Delegate Awards in their committees. Nolan Crawford ’15, Clark Perkins ’14, Gabbi Fisher ’13, Hirschler and Abigail Keller ’14 received second-place recognition, winning Outstanding Delegate Awards. Adham Moustafa ’14, Diana Tchadi ’14 and Angela Leocata ’13 received Honorable Delegate. MJ Engel ’13, Mikaela Rabb ’14, Charlotte Chazen ’15 and Zoe Chazen ’14 received Verbal Commendations. Tyler Lion ’14 received the Best Position Paper award in his committee.

### Southeast Asian Club: Harvard-SEA Club Mentorship Program

Members of Andover Southeast Asian Club (SEA) will pair up with Southeast Asian mentors from Harvard University this spring in the Boston area in a mentorship program started by Sierra Jamir ’14, co-head of SEA, Stephanie Hendarta ’14, secretary of SEA, and Alexandra Westfall ’15. The group plans to attend events such as the Harvard South Asian Association’s annual “Ghungroo” cultural show and participate in activities like getting ice cream and seeing movies together.

“[The mentorship program] is a good place to get to know the other Southeast Asians, but also to have people who are older than us who know what we’ve been through, and who are in the same environment as us. We all come from the same cultural background, and have been through the same high pressure academic environment,” said Westfall.

Hendarta said the club hopes to expand the mentorship program to Boston University and Boston College, though this is a long-term goal for the future. SEA Club sent out applications to approximately 25 Andover students of Southeast Asian heritage on February 24 to join the mentorship program. The deadline to apply is March 8. SEA Club was created at the start of this year and aims to connect Southeast Asian students at Andover with one another. The Southeast Asian nations include Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.