The Last Mile

As students trudge through the depths of winter term, they often find themselves opting for the sleeping room instead of going to a math class, asking for extensions instead of trying to meet a deadline or choosing another hour of sleep over another set of chemistry problems. Classes become an obligation, rather than something to look forward to, as they once were.

Students are first drawn to Andover because of its colorful palette of unique opportunities and challenges. Andover is a remarkable community that empowers its students to explore all of the interests they have. Be a theater kid. Be an athlete. Be a journalist. Do all three—Andover’s the place to.

As students enter Penultimate Week, they should remember the eager applicants they once were. The awe of flipping through the course catalog for the first time or scrolling through every page of the Andover website doesn’t belong only to the prospective student, but to the current student as well.

Although Winter Term at Andover proves to be challenging, students should reconnect with that initial excitement they felt when they first strolled through the campus, received their first school-wide e-mail or stepped foot into their first Andover class as they reach for the finish line.

If students revive their enthusiasm for Andover, they will be able to sustain the drive that brought them to campus in the first place. Time spent here is not just a countdown to break, but instead a chance to challenge ourselves and experience Andover to the fullest.