JV Contributes to GV Success

Andover Girls JV Squash has battled constant ladder changes due to illnesses and injuries on both JV and Varsity throughout its season. Despite a disappointing 1-10 record, the team has aided Varsity in its 7-6 record.

“In essence, the best part [of being on the team] was working to improve and getting match experience,” said Victoria Skrivanos ’15, a newcomer to the team.

With many players on Girls Varsity Squash recovering from injury and illness, JV Girls Squash sent multiple players up for most of the season’s games. At times, members of the JV team would play up to four positions above their typical position on the ladder. Many players had to play two matches in one day to compensate for injured teammates.

“I had to play up to number five once on Varsity, and I was playing JV2 last year, so it was definitely a good learning experience playing up,” said Katie Weaver ’15. “I think everyone felt that way because everyone did have to play up at some during the season.”

“[The JV team] has been really generous contributing their players to the effort,” said Emma Crowe ’15, a member of Girls Varsity Squash. “Whenever one of our players is out, they help us out by lending us players even though it’s detrimental to their game and standing.”

The JV team donated three players for a 5-2 Varsity domination of Tabor earlier in the season, while the JV team itself suffered a 1-6 loss that day. Instead of being discouraged, the team took the experience as an opportunity to improve and took advantage of the extra playing time.

“While [playing up] has really challenged us and made us all better and more competitive players, it hasn’t helped our record,” said Claire Frankel ’14, who played up to number eight on Varsity a few times throughout the season. “However, the team is very optimistic and hardworking.“

“Plus, since [the team is] so small, we’re a really tight knit group,” Frankel added.

Skrivanos said, “Now I am much more confident in my game than I was at the beginning of the season. We may have lost those [Varsity] matches, but the experience of playing up was a learning experience and helped strengthen us for the rest of the season.”

Struggling early in the season with a 7-0 losing streak due to the absence of many players, the team gained valuable experience gained from playing up, which was clearly reflected in its 6-1 win over Middlesex.

“Everyone did really well that day,” said Weaver. “I think it was a great moment for all of us.”

“Playing against good players only makes you better in the long run,” Skrivanos added.

Despite the team’s 3-4 loss to St. Paul’s last Wednesday, 2-5 loss to Milton last Friday and 0-7 loss to Exeter this Wednesday, Girls JV Squash has improved a great deal since the beginning of the season.

“No matter the outcome, as a team we’ll be ending on a positive note because we’ve had such a great time this season,” said Frankel.