After 29 Issues, CXXXV Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

After 29 Issues, Phillipian CXXXV said goodbye to the basement of Morse today and turned the newspaper over to the new Phillipian Board CXXXVI. This is the last issue for CXXXV and the first for CXXXVI.

Stephen Moreland ’14, former Photography Editor, will succeed Samuel Green ’13 as Editor in Chief of The Phillipian.

“Like every board, Stephen and the rest of CXXXVI have much to learn and many things to accomplish. With the foundation that CXXXV leaves behind, I’m confident that they will succeed,” said Green.

“I don’t know what I’ll do without Phillipian lighting the way, but I know that it’s time to pass the paper down to its next stewards,” said Green.

“CXXXV consistently produced an extraordinary paper, and matching their caliber of excellence will be a challenge. However, I believe it’s a challenge that CXXXVI is more than capable of tackling,” said Moreland.

“Having been a part of CXXXV, I will miss the Seniors dearly, but I am so excited to work with the new board,” added Moreland.

Connie Cheng ’13, Executive Editor, Greg Cameron ’13, Managing Editor, and Nicole Ng ’13, Managing Editor will also step down from their positions on Upper Management CXXXV.

“I’m still figuring out what to do with all this time on my hands. Pondering life for four hours a night seems like a good idea right now,” said Cameron.

Cheng said, “The more nostalgic I get, the more excited I am for CXXXVI and the year they have ahead of them. It’ll be hard leaving the newsroom, but I look forward to reclaiming my social media presence and drinking non-caffeinated beverages.”

Upper Management CXXXVI will have the same structure as on CXXXV. New Executive Editor Janine Ko ’14, former News Associate, Managing Editor Anika Kim ’13, former News Associate, and Managing Editor Sophia Lloyd-Thomas ’14, former Features Associate, will join Moreland on Upper Management.

“Though I’ll miss my hours managing, I’m confident that Anika and Sophia will continue my legacy, not just in size and humor, but also in skill,” said Ng. “I’m excited to finally eat in [Paresky] Commons again on Thursdays. And not encounter so many dead frogs.”

Emma Mehlman ’14 and Andrew Yang ’14, former News Associates, will succeed Connor Fraser ’13 and Jessica Lee ’13 as the News Editors. Sydney Adams ’14 will join the News Section as a Senior Associate.

“Sometimes Jess and I feel like the parents of a little News family. Our four kids misbehave and refuse to listen at times, but we are proud of what they have done and will do,” said Fraser.

“I’m not sure what Andrew and I will do without Anika and Janine, but at least we have Sydney!” said Mehlman.

Former Commentary Associates Katia Lezine ’14, Joey Salvo ’14 and Makenzie Schwartz ’14 will become CXXXVI’s Commentary Editors, replacing Raeva Kumar ’13, Zach Merchant ’13 and Christiana Nguyen ’13.

“I’ve spent more time thinking about this quote than anyone will ever spend reading it. In a way, I think that sums up Commentary pretty well,” said Merchant.

“We finally accomplished everything we wanted to—we made a sign for the Commentary area of the Newsroom,” said Kumar.

“Commentary will always hold a very special place in my heart. I’m excited for Katia, Joey and Makenzie as they embark on this journey we call The Phillipian,” said Nguyen.

Stephanie Hendarta ’14 and Jenna Shin ’14, former Arts and Leisure Associates, will succeed solo Arts and Leisure Editor Sarah Lee ’13.

“It’s been a really rewarding experience to work as an editor for the Arts & Leisure section. It was a lot of fun, and I’ll miss working for the paper. But I’ll continue to read the paper and I know I’m leaving the section in Steph and Jenna’s good hands,” said Sarah Lee.

Taylor Chin ’14, Michael Kim ’14 and James Judelson ’14 will take over the Sports Section as Sports Editors, replacing Alexi Bell ’13, Kevin Fung ’13 and Kristin Mendez ’13.

“I wish the Sports Section, my homeland, the best of luck. They’ll do a solid job,” said Cameron, who began working at The Phillipian as a Sports associate.

“After almost four years of pracky as a writer, associate and editor, the final whistle has blown. I’ve coached my associates to the best of my abilities, and I wish them the very best of luck in the amazing tilt that is The Phillipian,” said Mendez.

Pearson Goodman ’13 and Hemang Kaul ’13 will turn their section over to former Features Associate, Rem Remmel ’14.

“I’m crying,” said Goodman.

“No,” said Kaul, when asked for a quote about turnover.

Scott Diekema ’14, former Photography Editor will become Head of Photography, and Emmie Avvakumova ’14 will assume his and Moreland’s former roles as Photography Editors. Former Photography Associate Zoe Gallagher ’14 will become Layout and Design Editor.

“Even though I will be editing more articles than photos this year, the Photo Section will always run through my blood. Scott and Emmie will do a fabulous job, and I am excited for the new projects that we have planned for Zoe,” said Moreland.

Natalie Kim ’14 and Luke Stidham ’14, former Copy Associates, will inherit the Copy Section from Julia Lord ’13 and Rachel Wittenberg ’13, Copy Editors, and Maia Hirschler ’13, Front Page Editor.

“Now that I have taught Luke and Natalie how to read and write, they should be ready to start learning about grammar… In all seriousness though, I’m going to miss my little Copy family,” said Hirschler.

Two out of three of CXXXV’s executive officer positions, filled by Hirschler, Jing Qu ’13, Director of Production, and Topher Hedley ’13, Director of Operations, will no longer exist on CXXXVI. There will be no Director of Production or Front Page Editor.

“The Newsroom has changed so much since my freshman year. I would have never expected The Phillipian to be the way it is now, but I’m very excited to see what CXXXVI has in store for the paper,” said Qu.

Former Operations Associate Rome Arnold ’14 will take over as Director of Operations, and the other former Operations Associates Marjorie Kozloff ’14, Kenta Nomoto ’14 and Alex Sweeting ’14, with the addition of newcomer Laura Ippolito ’14, will become Operations Managers. Together, the Operations team will assume the roles of Chris Hedley ’13, former Director of Operations, Connor Soules ’13, Business Manager, Walter Chacón ’13, Head of Circulation and Delivery, Jack Ward ’13, Head of Delivery and Matt Deorocki ’13, Advertising Director.

Gregory Hosono ’14 will continue in his role at The Phillipian Online, joined by Logan Blaine ’14 who is replacing Eric Ouyang ’13, former Head of Online.

Sierra Jamir ’14 will succeed Patrick Naughter ’13 as Head of Cartooning.