Jessica Lee ’13 & Adèle Bernhard ’14

Although squash is traditionally a very individual sport, Co-Captains Jessica Lee ’13 and Adèle Bernhard ’14 have emphasized and fostered team unity on Andover Girls Varsity Squash this season.

Both Captains understand the importance of team chemistry and are working hard both on and off the court.

“I try to lead by example,” said Bernhard. “How I behave during a match, how I carry myself, that also goes for supporting the team.”

Lee has a similar approach to her role as captain.

“I believe in order to really get better, we need to enjoy it. So I try to make the team environment an intense one, where we push each other, but also a fun one—so practice can be something we want to go [to] and work hard in,” said Lee.

Coach Jennifer Elliott agreed with her captains, saying, “[Bernhard] helps to maintain unity, camaraderie and spirit among the team. [Lee] effectively communicates with her teammates and coaches, and she makes a concerted effort to support each of her teammates on and off court.”

Bernhard has been playing squash for eight years, and she has been number one for Andover since her Junior year.

Elliot added, “Bernhard brings terrific energy to every practice and match. Leading by example, she is highly dedicated, disciplined, and motivated. She trains tirelessly and enthusiastically.”

This is Lee’s seventh year playing squash. She played number three as a Junior, number two during both her Lower and Upper years and number three once again this year.

“Over the past four years, I have improved my shots, mental game and fitness, which has certainly allowed me to be much more successful,” Lee said.

With a young team on their hands, Lee and Bernhard hope that players will continue to be close and improve their squash ability.

“Of my four years at Andover, this team certainly has the most skill and passion for the sport, and I hope we work our hardest to employ these skills to reach our potential this season,” said Lee.

Despite injuries and illness, team chemistry is high because of the captains.

“They both love squash and are wholly committed to the team … our program is stronger, tighter and deeper because of their mark,” Elliott said.