Andover Loses Nail-biter To Deerfield 1-0

Andover Girls Hockey had another rough week and dropped its matches to both Deerfield and Exeter. Andover played a tight game against Deerfield on Saturday, but a late goal gave Deerfield a 1-0 victory. Although Caroline Garrity ’15 had several breakaway opportunities, the team was unable to capitalize on its scoring chances. The team’s defense held strong, however, and shut out Deerfield for the majority of the game. Eliza Quigley ’15 was called for a penalty with four minutes left in the game. Crashing the net, Quigley couldn’t control her momentum and knocked over a Deerfield player in the goal after the whistle. The members of the team felt that the penalty was unwarranted. “It was a bad call by the ref. The goalie had the puck tied up, and I just crashed the net. It was really late after the whistle, but I was still called on it,” said Quigley. Deerfield scored during Quigley’s penalty. With four minutes left in the game, Andover wasn’t able to score and tie the game. Quigley and Julia Marcus ’15, who have both played defense throughout the entirety of the season, were switched to forward for the game against Exeter on Wednesday, but the team lost the game 8-1. “The only thing I have to say about [the Exeter game] is that it was a disappointing effort that lead to a disappointing result. We didn’t show up to play right away; we dug ourselves a hole, and that was hard,” said Coach Martha Fenton. Coach Fenton believes that Andover has the potential to improve. “The good news is that we have an opportunity to play them again, and we’ll work towards that. But we need to learn to play with more confidence and more consistency and more effort and trust each other on the ice, and then things will come together. Overall, it was a tough day,” she said. “We will come back. We’ll play together as a team and talk a lot more, and we’ll pass quicker. Our biggest issue is communication and working together, and once we can do that we’ll be fine,” said Amy Morin ’14. After a 10 game losing streak, Andover hopes to improve its record against New Hampton and Tabor next week.