Look of the Week: Lauren Kim ’13

Following her mother’s and older sister’s fashion example, Lauren Kim ’13 started experimenting with bright and pastel colors and pairing them with unconventional patterns during the summer before her Upper year.

Kim says her definition of fashion includes classy, well-put together outfits that extend outside of just slapping on sweatpants and fuzzy sweaters.

“My mom dresses in a very classic and ‘clean’ way; there’s a Korean American term for it: ‘mak-ip-nun-guh’ [versatile clothing]. I don’t like to look like I just jumped out of bed. Clean doesn’t always mean no holes, no studs or just pastel colors—it just means that you can tell the person to put some thought in it,” said Kim.

Kim can often be spotted passing through Flagstaff Quad in a camel-colored button-down with rolled up sleeves, fitting, dark blue felt trousers paired with classic grey oxfords with mint-colored soles and laces, rounded out by a washed-out, light sea-green colored Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

“I think you start to gain interest about your fashion sense when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you like. The outfits that I put together change daily though. They always depend on the kind of vibe I want to give off,” said Kim.

Even though Kim doesn’t have a specific theme to describe her choice of outfits, she says that her clothing ensembles are not complete without footwear and bags, her fashion essentials.

“I try to be a little unique with my choice of shoes. I own many brightly colored shoes that you don’t see a lot. My riding boots, for example, lean towards motorcycle boots and look a little more edgy,” said Kim.

Besides her riding/motorcycle boots, Kim values her brown leather messenger bag the most. Monogrammed with her initials, the bag functions not only as a purse but also as a book bag for school days with lighter book loads. To add her own personal touch to it, Kim adorns the bag with a soft pink ribbon to add a contrast between the pastel pink and the simple brown. w

“I think Lauren’s style is unique in a sense that she takes plain clothings and pairs them cleverly with shoes or pearls to make them look classy. It’s unique and high-fashion without seeming pretentious,” said Rachel Xiao ’13.

To add sparkle to her outfit, Kim would often top her long-sleeved, satin shirt and a pair of green plaid legging jeans with a red-black beaded, Peruvian bracelet and a wrap-around, limited edition leather wrist watch from La Mer Collections.

“Sometimes I look on the ‘New York Times’ fashion section around Fashion Week so I can browse along the runway look and spot recurring trends among designers. One year, I spotted a unique hula hoop purse. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it, but I definitely like creative concepts like that,” said Kim.

Kim’s style is best described as a classic merged with contemporary fashion trends, putting together outfits that are simple but innovative. According to Kim, she sticks to the principle of creating fashion coordination that is fun and playful without making it odd or visually confusing.