Execution Against Exeter Can’t Carry Over

Two 3-0 sweeps by Co-Captain Jessica Lee ’13 and Camille Price ’15 propelled Andover Girls Squash to a 5-2 victory against Exeter last Saturday.

The win was the highlight of an otherwise rough week for Andover, as the team lost to Deerfield last Friday and Groton this Wednesday, both by a score of 7-0.

Lee said, “Because we had a deeper ladder, the three and four positions [Lee and Price] had easier matches [against Exeter].

Co-Captain Adèle Bernhard ’14 won her match at the first position on the ladder.

Lee said, “[Bernhard] stepped up in the game. She volleyed a lot, which pinned the other player in the back of the court.”

Madeleine Mayhew ’15, at number two, suffered an ankle sprain during her match and lost.

No players were able to win a game over a Deerfield opponent on Friday, but some players suffered tough losses in very close games.

Claire Kister ’16 lost her third and final game by a score of 12-10.

“[Kister] started shooting from the back of the court to get winners, some of which were working, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win the game,” said Lee.

Although Bernhard lost three straight games, all of the games were within a two or three point difference.

“Deerfield has always had a strong team all the way through the bottom of their ladder. They had really good hard low drives which killed our players in the back of the court,” said Lee.

In the loss to Groton on Wednesday, Lee’s close match highlighted the match.

Playing number three, Lee won the fourth game to tie the match up at two but lost in the fifth game 11-8.

“[Lee] was demonstrating her persistence and versatility and inspiring us all with her energizer bunny fitness,” said Coach Jennifer Elliott.

Mayhew also played competitively against her opponent at the number two position. She lost her match 3-1 but lost two of those games 12-10.

“[My opponent] hit the ball hard, and I thought I did a great job retrieving balls and staying in long points. I struggled with being aggressive and taking my opportunities, especially in the front court. I plan to work on both my volley and straight kills so that when I am in control of points, I can end them quickly,” said Mayhew.

Elliot said, “[The match overall] was a tough match and certainly closer than the overall score suggests.”

With many players out due to sickness and injuries, Andover was happy to have several of its players back in time to play against Groton.

However, Hannah Burns ’15, who usually plays at number five, is out for the season with a stress fracture.

The team is still maintaining its winning record at 4-3 despite its shuffling of positions and injured and sick players finally returning after being out for several games.

Andover will face off against Middlesex tomorrow.

Caroline Garrity contributed reporting.