Andover Takes First In All But One Event

With JV swimmers substituting for five members of the varsity team, Andover Boys Swimming once again dominated the pool on Saturday. Andover finished with almost three times the final score of host Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) and claimed first place in all but one event.

Of the 11 events, 10 were scored. Aided by unrelenting 1-2-3 sweeps in six events, Andover blew NMH out of the water with a final score of 120-44.

“Shout out to the JV guys who swam up and did really well, representing Andover [varsity] for the first time,” said Scott Simpson ’14.

In addition to the sudden change in team dynamic, the meet was delayed an hour and a half due to a scheduling miscommunication.

“We all felt a little more drained by the travel,” said Justin Wang ’13. “We did as good a warm up as we could when we got there.”

Simpson added, “It was not an ideal situation, but we made the best out of it.”

In the first event of the day, the 200 Yard Medley Relay, Andover’s team of Charlee Van Eijk ’14, Simpson, Chris Li ’15 and David Cao ’14 took first place with a time of 1:44.28.

Just behind them, with a time of 1:46.21, was the team of Darren Ty ’16, JV swimmer Won Woo Kim ’15, Andrew Xuan ’13, and Heson Oh ’14 in second place. The relay team came in a full 10 seconds ahead of NMH.

Andover then continued on to win the 200 Freestyle, with Marcello Rossi ’16 in first with a time of 1:54.39, Connor Fraser ’13 in second with a time of 1:55.66 and Wang in third with a time of 1:56.07.

However, NMH then surged forward to claim first place with a time of 2:07.57 in the 200 Individual Medley. Li followed just behind in a close second place with a time of 2:11.21, and Sarp Orgul ’16, a JV swimmer, came in third with a time of 2:14.48.

Andover responded and fought back to claim first, second and third in the next four consecutive events.

“Our goal of the meet was to race each other, and I think we all did that pretty well,” said Oh. “We were motivating each other, and we all did what we had to do. We rose up to the challenge.”

“Saturday was interesting to see because it’s the middle of the season and we haven’t been practicing speed yet,” said David Cho ’14. “It was fun to really go against each other.”

In the 50 Freestyle, Cao, Travis Bouscaren ’14, and Jake Taylor ’16, a JV swimmer, dominated with times of 23.01, 24.16 and 24.88 respectively.

Cho, Chris Li and Xuan then claimed the top three seats in the 100 Butterfly with times of 57.40, 57.76, and 59.04, respectively.

Next in the 100 Freestyle, Oh came out on top with a time of 50.24, followed closely by Simpson with a time of 50.88 and Wang with a time of 54.59.

Finally, the 1-2-3 streak was capped off by long distance with Travis Bouscaren ’14 in first with a time of 5:00.39, Thomas Choi ’16 in second with a time of 5:15.95 and Rossi in third with a time of 5:17.22 in the 500 Freestyle.

In the 200 Freestyle Relay, Andover again edged NMH out. Oh, Simpson, Xuan and Cao finished with a strong time of 1:32.84 for first place, and the team of Taylor, Fraser, Van Eijk and Ty followed closely behind in second with a time of 1:36.80.

“Having a tight race gave us an opportunity to see where we’re at in terms of training,” Simpson said. “Obviously we weren’t rested or tapered, but it’s good to get some speed in.”

Van Eijk returned to the pool to win the 100 Backstroke with a time of 59.40. In third and fourth respectively were Ty and JV swimmer Felix Liu ’15.

JV dominated the 100 Breaststroke, as Kim finished with a strong 1:06.78 in first, Ty finished in second and Orgul finished just behind in third.

The final event, the 400 Freestyle Relay, was swum in non-scoring exhibition.

Andover is now preparing for a very competitive home meet against Deerfield tomorrow.