20-3 Vote in Student Council Passes Co-President Model

Student Council passed a proposal to change the position of School President to School Co-Presidents this morning. A 20-3 vote, with one abstention, met the two-thirds majority required to pass the amendment to the Student Government Constitution.

The amendment passed by the Student Council will go into effect for the 2013-2014 election cycle, which is set to begin this February. Students will run in pairs from the beginning of the election process, and the election will culminate in the selection of one pair to become School Co-Presidents, according to the proposal’s documentation.

The Student Council Review Committee, which wrote the proposal, will continue to consider further revisions to the structure and responsibilities of the entire student government.

Just before the vote, Student Council met with members of the Student Council Review Committee in an open discussion period and then held a closed door discussion among Student Council only. Voting took place in a roll call.

All three members of the Executive Board, Hemang Kaul ’13, School President, Rolando Bonachea ’13, Vice President of Student Council, and MJ Engel ’13, Executive Secretary of Student Council, voted for the change. Together, they had 12 votes. The full roll call and adopted proposal are shown below.

The Student Council Review Committee consists of Kaul, Engel, Williams, Tessa Peterson ’15, Samuel Green ’13, Editor in Chief of _The Phillipian_, Jennifer Elliott, Dean of Abbot Cluster, Frank Tipton, Dean of West Quad North Cluster, Fernando Alonso, Advisor to Student Council, and Paul Murphy, Dean of Students. Becky Sykes, Associate Head of School, is an ex-officio member of the committee.

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