Keller Now Suspected of Producing Child Pornography

Dr. Richard Keller, former Medical Director at Andover, may have another legal battle to face as a new investigation looks into his possible involvement in the production of child pornography. Keller is currently facing three charges related to the receipt and possession of child pornography. On January 3, federal agents searched Keller’s home in Andover for additional evidence to support the new allegations, according to “The Eagle-Tribune.” Keller was arrested on September 13 and indicted on two counts of receiving child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography at a hearing in December, according to “The Eagle-Tribune.” He has pled not guilty to all three charges in federal court, according to the “Boston Channel.” Keller has been in jail since his September arrest, according to the “Boston Channel.” During an investigation of the materials initially found in Keller’s home, federal agents noticed a unique metal watch on the cameraman’s hand in one of the videos. Investigators obtained a new search warrant to search Keller’s home for the watch, according to the Boston Channel. The pornographic video was allegedly filmed at Cap D’Agde resort in France in 1996, according to “The Eagle-Tribune.” The video was filmed in France at a time when investigators believe Keller may have been in Europe. In addition to the watch, investigators are now looking for records of Keller’s possible stay at Cap D’Agde, as well as recording equipment and media storage devices. In September, searches of Keller’s home revealed over 100 DVDs of child pornography and 500 explicit photos of minors. Some of the items investigators found had been delivered to Isham Health Center while Keller was working at Andover, according to a previous article in The Phillipian. Keller worked at Andover for 19 years before resigning on May 24, 2011. The Academy informed Keller in April of 2011 that his annual contract would not be renewed for the following year due to “professional misconduct,” unrelated to the current charges he faces, according to a previous article in The Phillipian. According to an e-mail from Head of School John Palfrey to the Andover community on September 14, Keller was reprimanded in 1999 for accessing adult pornography on an Academy computer and again in 2002 for showing an inappropriate cartoon to a student. Citations for poor management and poor judgment caused Keller to be placed on administrative probation in 2009, according to the e-mail. In 2010, Keller also sent an inappropriate voicemail message to an Academy colleague. Keller’s trial was scheduled to begin in the U.S. District Court in Boston yesterday, according to “The Eagle-Tribune.”