Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Co-Captain Elana King-Nakaoka ’14 has been doing Nordic since third grade and is thrilled to lead Andover Nordic this year along with her fellow Co-Captain Sean Burkitt ’14 .

“The team has a lot of potential and we have some great people so it will be really fun. In the end the results are of least priority, but the important thing is that the team has fun and that people enjoy [the season] while learning about skiing,” said King-Nakaoka.

Alongside King-Nakaoka and Burkitt, returners include Piper Curtis ’13, Anjali Krishnamachar ’13, Liam Fortin ’14, Will Bloxham ’13 , Greer Sallick ’14 and Aaron Finder ’13.

The team hopes to see early results out of newcomers Ziggy Chesley ’13, Charlotte Berry ’15, Zoe Chazen ’14, Arthur Doran ’15, Paul McGovern ’15 and Olivia LaMarche ’16.

After a snowless winter last year, the team hopes that they will actually get the opportunity to ski in Andover this year. “[The lack of snow] made it hard to improve,” said Curtis.

Beginners last year were unable to learn how to skate and build a concrete foundation for the upcoming years because many of the skiers never even got to ski, said Krishnamachar.

Nordic races are around five or six kilometers and times can range from 12 to 20 minutes, according to Head Coach Keith Robinson PA ’96.

“It all depends on conditions. You could run the same course two days and have a five minute difference, based on the snow whether it is fast or slow snow,” said Robinson.

Races don’t begin until January and the first meet of the season is on January 9th, away at Holderness.