Student Survey Reveals Broad Disagreement With Change

Eighty-one percent of 541 surveyed students believe that the current academic calendar does not require any revision, according to an online survey conducted by _The Phillipian_.

Two percent of respondents strongly agree with the changes to the calendar that the administration has proposed for the 2013-2014 school year, and eight percent of respondents agree, but not strongly. Eleven percent are indifferent to the proposal, 31 percent disagree and 48 percent strongly disagree.

Surveyed students ranked the personal importance of various elements that may influence future academic scheduling.

Fifty-nine percent of survey students listed the availability of final fall term grades for early college applications as either “very important” or “important” in evaluating the schedule change.

Ninety-six percent of respondents responded that general health and wellness was either “important” or “very important.” Ninety-four percent of surveyed students answered similarly for the length of winter break, and 78 percent for feasibility of travel during breaks.

Eighty-five percent of respondents rated the synchronization of Andover’s calendar with those of peer schools as either a “very unimportant” or “unimportant” factor, and 81 percent of students responded in the same way about the creation of terms of equal length.

The percentage of students in each class who answered that having a longer fall term to accommodate students’ back-to-school transition was “important” or “very important” was 75 percent for Juniors, 68 percent for Lowers, 65 percent for Uppers and 59 percent for Seniors.

There was also a correlation between the grade levels of surveyed students and the importance of penultimate week coinciding with colleges’ early application deadlines.

Sixty-two percent of surveyed Seniors believe that penultimate week coinciding with early application deadlines is a “very important” factor in scheduling considerations. Uppers followed with 48 percent, then Lowers with 25 percent and Juniors with 14 percent.

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