Campus is Cookin’: Mini Pizza Bagel

Tired of the same old plain turkey sandwich for lunch? Craving something more than your average slice of pepperoni pizza? Bring a little taste of Italy to Andover with this tempting mini pizza. Start at the salad bar and get two hard boiled eggs and place them in a small bowl. In a separate bowl, add several slices of sundried tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Afterwards, make your way to the deli bar. There is a variety of bread to choose from, but bagels and English Muffins generally work best. If you do decide to use a bagel, separate the bagel into a top and bottom part. Pop both bagel parts into the toaster for some extra crunch. Drizzle olive oil on the bagel and add a pinch of salt. Put slices of tomato on the bagel and carefully arrange the onions and green peppers on top of the tomatoes. Using a knife, slice the hard boiled eggs into several pieces and arrange them on top of the vegetables. Sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese from the pasta bar or some grated American cheese on top of the toppings. Next, carefully put the plate in the microwave for 30 seconds or until the cheese is completely melted. To top off your mouth watering mini pizza, add a sprinkle of basil or dried peppers. Bon Appétit!