Offensive Corners Stifle Cushing in Close Matchup

Captain Cara Daly ’13 scored both of Andover Field Hockey’s two goals this Saturday against Cushing Academy to clinch a 2-1 Andover victory.

The teams were evenly matched in skill and ability, so most of the game’s ball play stayed in between the field’s 25 yard lines.

Daly scored the first goal of the game during the first half, and Andover remained in the lead until Cushing answered three minutes into the second half.

With the game tied at one, Andover brought up its energy in the hopes of scoring a second goal. The team’s defense held the Cushing offense off, and with only five minutes left in the game, Daly scored the final goal.

“When Daly scored the second goal, I think we all felt a huge rush of adrenaline because we had taken the lead with so little time left,” said Lila Dolan ’15.

Daly said, “We rose to the challenge in our game against Cushing. It was their Senior Day, so they really wanted to win, therefore we were forced to look inside ourselves and find that same energy and determination that manifested in them.”

“We had a very strong game defensively, and we really capitalized on our corners and stayed composed and poised throughout the game,” she added.

Daly noted that Emma Mehlman ’14 had an especially strong perormance aainst Cushing.

“She was aggressive to the ball and made some very smart and sharp plays. The highlight of the game for her was when she dived in our defensive circle to block a shot,” said Daly.

Dolan added, “Eliza Quigley [’15] did a great job getting the ball up the field on break always. When I think of Eliza, I think of her breaking the ball up the field. It is her strength because she is really fast and strong.”

Tomorrow on its home turf, Andover, now 7-4-3 with wins in four of its last five games, plans to continue its winning momentum in its last game of the regular season against Exeter.

Both the outcome of Saturday’s game and the performance of other teams in the league will determine how Andover will be ranked in the playoffs.

Head Coach Kate Dolan said, “The team needs to relentlessly pressure the ball and continue to play with poise, grit and teamwork. We need to just keep doing what we are doing.”