For Fall Release, “Courant” Hosts Night of Music & Poetry at Addison

As students streamed into the Addison Gallery of American Art dressed in fashionable outfits, they were greeted with the classical tunes of Bach and tasty hors d’oeuvre in celebration of the fall issue release of “The Courant.” “The Courant” is one of Andover’s five student-led magazines. It is a literary magazine featuring student drawings, poems, short stories, photographs and other forms of art. Over 200 students attended the party that was organized by the two Co-Editors in Chief of “The Courant,” Veronica Harrington ’13 and Jing Qu ’13, and other Courant board members. The party featured music from cellist Sasha Scolnik-Brower ’13 and the June Bugs, a improvisational band comprised of Amo Manuel ’14, Junius Williams ’14 and Harvey Wu ’14, “I played a bunch of movements from the solo cello suites by Bach. They’re great pieces to play on this occasion and this type of event. In the Addison, the acoustics were lovely in the foyer. It’s different because it’s not structured and it’s a lot more casual, but it’s a nice change,” said Scolnik-Brower. Several students with poetry published in the Fall Issue were invited to do a reading during the event. Theo Agbi ’13 read two of his poems, “Apple” and “Tweets I would Tweet if I had a Twitter”, for the audience gathered in the Museum Learning Center (MLC). “[‘Apple’] was a really beautiful poem, I think he did a good job. The second one, ‘Tweets I would Tweet if I had a Twitter’ was just Theo going on a spiel,” said Chiamaka Okorie ’13 from the audience. Brendan O’Connell ’13 also read a short story he had written for “The Courant.” “My short story was about a prostitute who overcame the need to be a prostitute to make money and decided to do what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to live; she didn’t want to be stuck in an endless sporadic of selling her body for money. I never read it once after I wrote it, so I did it on the fly…but I rolled with the punches, stumbled a couple of times, and it was okay,” said O’Connell. Harrington and Qu decided to hold a Fall issue party after the success of last winter’s “Fête du Courant,” a similarly styled event that celebrated the release of last winter’s “Courant” issue. “We wanted to get a lot of different people [to attend], not just our friends, not just people who are interested in writing or making art,” said Harrington. “We always want people to come to the Addison because a lot to people don’t realize there’s an art museum on campus and this is a great way to bring people [to the Addison],” said Qu. Other than poetry and short story readings, the party also featured a photo booth in the Addison Library. Guests excitedly posed with props like skulls, fans, and masks as photographers snapped photos of them. “I think it’s a great event. It’s a great excuse for everyone to get dressed up and have a night to relax and kind of hang out in a different setting than normal on campus. The music is great and all the art pieces are great to look at and it’s just a fun, relaxed atmosphere at the event,” said Kate Wincek ’14, a student who attended the fall party. Members of the board sold copies of the Fall issue at the entrance of the Addison. Profits from sales will be used to fund future issues of “The Courant.”