Daly ’13 Leads Young Team With Experience and Heart

A member of Andover Field Hockey since her Junior year, Captain Cara Daly ’13 provides her team with top-notch defense at center-back as well as guidance that has led Andover to a 6-4-3 record so far this season.

“Cara will approach all situations with full force, coming up with a crucial goal off of a corner or a desperately needed ‘out’ in the defensive end,” said Olivia Cabral ’14.

“Cara brings reassurance to the team, not only as a player, but also as a captain. Her leadership is also through her actions on and off the field, and that makes her such a great role model for my teammates and me,” Cabral continued.

Andover will rely on Daly’s leadership throughout the rest of its season given that it is an extremely young team with only one other Senior and five Uppers.

Following three years of field hockey in middle school, Daly made the varsity team her Junior year. Throughout her Andover career, she has continued to develop her skills.

Head Coach Kate Dolan said, “Each year she improved her game, and she became a full-time starter as an Upper, and as a Senior she became Captain.”

Dolan also noted the example Daly sets for her teammates. “Her story is important because all too often, kids expect instant success and quite often, especially in field hockey, it takes a great deal of patience, perseverance and persistence to become a strong two-way player. Cara is proof that by working hard, persevering and setting goals, one can reach those goals,” said Dolan.

Daly’s goals as captain extend beyond the boundaries of the field.

“My greatest hope is that each individual on the team comes out of this season feeling as though they succeeded in not only gaining perspective on the game, but also gaining a broader perspective on life,” said Daly.

Hannah Sorkin ’14 said, “The great thing about Cara is that I can always go to her for advice, and she’s always willing to tell me what she truly thinks.”

Andover’s regular season will culminate in a home game against Exeter on November 10 before NEPSAC playoffs begin.

“I also hope to lead my team to the playoffs because it is a true testament to all of the hard work we have been putting in this season,” Daly said. “However, no matter how our final record ends up, I know I will look back on this season and remember the connections I made with my teammates, the life skills I learned from my coaches and the accomplishment of working together.”

Daly first began playing field hockey in sixth grade and was immediately hooked.

“What is so compelling to me about field hockey specifically, compared to the other sports I’ve played, is how important the role of each player is. In certain sports, one person has the ability to take the ball up the entire field alone, whereas in field hockey, it takes the coordination of so many moving parts in order to move the ball all the way up the field with conviction,” said Daly.