Look of the Week: Aiganym Zhumashova ’13

If Aiganym Zhumashova ’13 had to credit one fashion icon with shaping her sense of style, it would be Miroslava Duma, the former editor of “Harper’s Bazaar Russia.” Duma’s tendency to mix and match boldly patterned clothes is reflected in the choices Zhumashova herself makes.

Zhumashova would typically wear a fitted, collared floral blouse tucked into a cherry pleated high waist skirt and suede ankle boots. Recently, ankle boots have become one of Zhumashova’s favorite article of clothing due to its versatility.

She advises that people should be braver in choosing their outfits, not worrying about the norm.

“Rather than pairing something like black with black, maybe sometimes try pairing orange with pink. The most unique thing I own would be a pair of sequined black shorts–surprisingly, I have worn them quite often!” said Zhumashova.

A Duma-inspired fall outfit that Zhumashova has worn this term is a mustard colored trench coat with colorful geometric mini capelet-like detail around the collar, paired with a pair of light skinny jeans. In keeping with her bold style, Zhumashova would don a bright-colored coat with a wool collar during a chilly winter day.

“[Zhumashova] wears unique color schemes that look flattering on everyone. She wears things that other people could wear too, which makes her outfits more fashionable than funky, weird clothing that only certain people can pull off,” said Josselyn De Leon ’13.

Zhumashova did not delve into fashion until her teenage years, when she began to have the independence to choose what to wear.

“In the beginning I was mostly influenced by my parents and what kinds of clothes they bought for me. From the age of 15, when I really started buying my own clothes, I started being more conscious of what I was going to get. My parents weren’t there to tell me what I should buy,” said Zhumashova.

Ever since she became more fashion-aware, Zhumashova has developed fondness towards unique articles of clothings that are rarely spotted on the Andover campus.

“I am currently in love with the new trend of full 50s-style ankle-length skirts. I do not own such skirts but I do admire them. I would say that my admiration is subconsciously rooted in Russian influence–the bright colors that are embroidered in the skirt remind me of the patterns on Russian dolls,” said Zhumashova.

Zhumashova recently won the “Best Dressed” senior superlative for the 2013 edition of “Pot Pourri,” Andover’s yearbook.

Drawing on the more experimental of her fashion choices, Zhumashova might be spotted walking around campus in an oversized bright blue and orange striped sweater paired with a denim collared shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

“I’m a huge fan of denim. Personally, I love denim on denim, like a denim shirt with jeans. If you do ever wear denim on denim, I think it’s important to incorporate another color–I would suggest something bright–to avoid looking like you are wearing a denim jumpsuit, which are not cool–not yet anyway,” said Zhumashova.

Unlike many fashionistas, Zhumashova prefers to complete her look without having to excessively accessorize.

“I try to plan my outfits the night before–otherwise I end up taking much too long in the morning. I usually pick an item of clothing that I feel like wearing and then coordinate the rest of the outfit accordingly. I also try to keep the [accessorizing] as minimal as possible,” she said.

Although Zhumashova is widely known around campus for her great fashion sense, she is admired for her applicable and comfortable style.

Julie Zhou ’13 said, “[What Zhumashova wears] is never too forward or too aggressive. She just dresses nicely. She doesn’t dress super in your face, like she needs people to notice her. She dresses well because she likes what she wears because [her outfit is] comfortable, or she likes the color, or the pattern. I think that’s cool,” said Julie Zhou ’13.