Athlete of the Week: Eliza Quigley ’15

FIeld Hockey’s Eliza Quigley ’15 came through with the game winning goal against BB&N. Her efforts earned her this week’s Athlete of the Week honors.

When did you start playing field hockey?

I started playing field hockey when I began school here at Andover this fall.

What do you think has helped you get the hang of the game so quickly?

Being a hockey player, I find the games to be very similar, and it has helped to make the transition easier. Also, Coach [Kate] Dolan and Coach [Martha] Fenton are unvbelievable and have quickly taught me valuable skills needed on and off the field.

How do you feel now that the team is on a winning streak?

It feels gr eat knowing that the team’s hard work is finally paying off and showing in our record. I look forward to our team continuing the streak this Friday under the lights against Deerfield.

What do you think is the best thing about PAFH?

PAPH is a community within a community. We have an amazing leader, our captain Cara [Daly ’13], and everyone is trying their best for each other. As a newcomer to school, being a part of PAPH was a great opportunity to make new friends and be part of a team.

What is your favorite PAFH tradition?

It is hard to choose my favorite PAPH tradition considering there are so many. However, if I had to pick I would say the eye game. It’s hard to explain what it is, but if you have ever seen someone lying on their back in the middle of [Paresky] Commons then you have seen this tradition in action.

Any pre-game rituals?

I don’t really have any pre-game rituals. The intensity of my teammates is what pumps me up along with visualizing the game which I do right before I step onto the field.