Untouchable Serves Make Way For Consecutive Sweeps

Annette Bell ’16 delivered 13 consecutive killer serves and six aces in the first set of Andover Girls Volleyball’s game against Dana Hall on Saturday to bump Andover up 13-0. This set the tone for the rest of the week, and the team kept up the energy to crush both Dana Hall 3-0 last Saturday and Exeter 3-0 on Wednesdvay. After Andover quickly closed off the first set against Dana Hall 25-9, strong serves again proved to be a key part of play. Nine straight service points from Alex Becker ’15 led a nine-point turnaround that brought Andover back from 4-8 to 14-8. Andover maintained the lead and went on to take the set 25-18. In the third set, after falling behind 0-4, Abby Chung ’13 stepped up to the service line and delivered eight service points. Andover surged past Dana Hall 19-13 and won the set 25-17. The key to coming out victorious against Exeter on Wednesday was keeping up the energy and momentum that defined the game against Dana Hall. “There’s something special about playing Exeter,” said Olivia Bren ’13. “I think that was a big factor as far as staying pumped up.” Andover started strong with a 5-0 lead, but Exeter came back to tie the first set 15-15 and then lead 20-18. Andover had a chance to finish the set at 24-22 but did not take advantage. However, Andover persevered against Exeter’s two set points and managed to snag the first set, 28-26. The momentum of the win carried the team for a quick second set. Andover played aggressively and took the set 25-11. “We kept the energy levels up,” said Becker. “[We] had a ton of good and effective tips and hits.” In the third set there were many back and forth plays as Exeter tried to turn the tables. Andover rebuffed Exeter’s attacks and went up 21-16, but Exeter managed to come within one point of Andover at 21-20. However, Andover didn’t let Exeter back into the game and sealed the victory 25-22. “I think that we were able to keep up our energy because we’ve been really focusing in practice for the past few weeks on making our own energy,” said Kate Wincek ’14. “[It] played a key role today because we were away and didn’t have our fans to cheer us on.” In a scrimmage against Central Catholic on Monday, Andover won 3-1 after losing the third set. “As soon as we got out of our rut and started talking, then we started playing much better and I think that goes to show communicating with each other is the best way for us to get going,” said Captain Alexi Bell ’13. Andover internalized the lesson and maintained communication and energy to cut off Exeter and take the win. “We all did a really good job communicating. Even when things did not go as planned, we were able to communicate and still get a point,” said Kayla Maloney ’13. Andover looks forward to a second match against Northfield Mount Hermon on Saturday.