Perez ’16 and Rossi ’16 Selected To Lead Juniors

The Class of 2016 elected Marcello Rossi ’16 and Theodore Perez ’16 as its Junior Representatives for the 2012-2013 school year. After two rounds of online voting, final election results were released on October 2. After a preliminary round with 17 candidates, the top six candidates gave speeches to the Junior class in Borden Gymnasium. Attendance at the speeches was not mandatory. To become an eligible candidate, each student submitted a platform and a 100 signature petition from their classmates. Perez’s platform stressed his willingness to involve his classmates in Student Council. He said that he plans to carry a notebook with him, and members of the Class of 2016 can approach him to write suggestions for what the Junior Reps should bring up in Student Council meetings. “The idea [is] that anyone in our class can come and put their ideas in [the notebook], and [Rossi and I] will read it and decide what to bring up in Student Council. [In my speech] I talked a lot about the difference between a class representative and a president…. my job isn’t to make the decisions, but to represent the decisions and ideals of our class as a whole,” said Perez. Rossi hopes to organize all-class community service events as Junior Rep. He said, “There was a lot of demand for better class bonding… I was thinking of organizing a run-a-thon, which would be great for [the community] but would also be great to help us bond.” “I was also thinking about class activities such as class talent shows and sport days,” Rossi added. Perez also plans to focus on uniting the class by organizing Junior events. “My platform talked about building on the strength of the community more than anything else. That included trying to do different things like [class] events and just building more of… a culture that encourages close-knit friendships and openness with ideas,” said Perez. Perez added that collecting the signatures necessary to run for Junior Rep helped him make connections with many of his classmates. “When I was [getting signatures], it was a little awkward at first, but what I tried to do was to make everyone comfortable and sit down to speak with everyone I got signatures from, and I was able to do that for the first 80 signatures or so before becoming crushed for time,” said Perez. Rossi said that he plans to bring more guest speakers to Andover. He has already spoken with Sara Levinson, former President of MTV and a director of Macy’s, Inc., to speak about global entrepreneurship later this year, according to Rossi. Rossi also hopes to begin a shadow internship program for students to connect with alumni for summer internships. “I want to get in contact with alumni who are leaders in their field and ask them if they are willing to take on an Andover student for an internship so that we can give students a first hand exposure to the workforce and the work experience,” said Rossi.