Lowers Choose Doran ’15 And Golkari ’15 for 2012-2013

To represent the Class of 2015 for the 2012-2013 school year, the Lowers selected Arthur Doran ’15 and Sina Golkari ’15, both returning Lowers, as their Lower Representatives.

Doran and Golkari were chosen from a pool of six finalists, which was narrowed down from 14 original candidates. The six candidates each delivered a speech in Cochran Chapel on October 1, and the final results of the election were announced on October 3. Attendance at the speeches was not mandatory.

Doran and Golkari, both new to Student Council, hope to improve integration of new Lowers and increase class unity with class events and apparel.

“I think the first priority is [organizing] an on-campus event to get everyone together. Later on in the year, we’ll have an off-campus event,” said Golkari.

One of the on-campus events the new Lower Reps hope to organize is a special dinner in Paresky Commons for their class with a menu designed by its members.

“Every member of 2015 [would] get the chance to vote for his or her favorite foods at Commons, and the top food choices [would] form the dinner menu for a certain night. One of the dining rooms [could] be reserved for Lowers only so that we can all eat together,” wrote Golkari in his platform.

Doran and Golkari also plan to continue holding ice cream social events this year to help integrate new Lowers into the class.

“It’s really important that we get [new and returning Lowers] together so we don’t have people separated. We’re one community,” said Golkari.

The Lower Reps have already started to discuss possible off-campus class trips, including potential trips to Boston, an amusement park, a water park or a beach.

The Class of 2015’s former Junior Reps had planned to conduct a similar trip last year but time constraints prevented the trip from taking place. To avoid this issue, Doran and Golkari aim to plan a trip as soon as possible.

Doran said, “[In my platform] I really put an emphasis on making those [trips] thoroughly planned and thought out beforehand so [that] logistics can be smoothed out.”

The two Lower Reps have different ideas about class apparel. Doran said that he hopes to combine a class event with designing apparel by having a tie-dye station at a class event, while Golkari wants the class to come up with a class logo and select the most popular design for apparel.

Organizing class apparel is always a major job of the Lower Reps, according to Rolando Bonachea ’13, Vice President of Student Council, who ran this year’s Lower Rep election.

Doran said that he and Golkari both decided to run for the position because they believed they could bring a fresh perspective to Student Council.