Campus is Cookin’: Nachos

The best part about Paresky Commons’ homemade pita chips is that they are freshly made everyday and always available in the salad bar. The chips taste great with salsa, cheese or even black beans. Using the microwave in Commons, you can turn these plain pita chips into everybody’s favorite Mexican delicacy: nachos.

Although students have been making cheese-drizzled pita chips for quite some time, this recipe will add a new spin to homemade Commons’ nachos by using a variety of fresh ingredients from the salad bar.

To begin, fill up about three-fourths of a salad bowl with pita chips. If you want to spice them up with lettuce or spinach, you should add it at this time.

Next, add two spoonfuls of Commons’ homemade salsa. Add green peppers, red peppers, onions, jalapeños, celery or any other fresh ingredients that you would like in your meal.

After that, add beans to the mixture. Black beans complement the chips best, but pinto or kidney beans can also be used as substitutes. If you are craving some meat to accompany your nachos, grab some chicken from the salad bar.

Finally, add the cheese. Cheddar cheese is most commonly used but you can also find mozzarella, feta, greek or bleu cheese in the salad bar if you want to create different combinations.

Put the entire bowl into the microwave for a minute and a half. Make sure that the cheese is slightly melted but not burned. Remove the bowl from the microwave cautiously as it can still be hot.

Let the nachos cool for about two minutes. If available, the addition of guacamole and sour cream will spice up your meal.

¡Buen provecho!