Captains Feature: Patrick Naughter ’13 and Connor Fraser ’13

Although the gun doesn’t go off for the first Boys Cross Country meet until October 6 at Choate, the team’s Co-Captains are training their runners as if the race is tomorrow.

Both with three years of Andover Cross Country experience, Co-Captains Patrick Naughter ’13 and Connor Fraser ’13 have been given the opportunity to guide a team that they have watched grow for three years.

Now it’s their turn to encourage this team as they run their way through the season.

Naughter began his running career as a Junior here at Andover. His desire to stay in shape during the fall season is what led him to become a part of the team.

Prior to joining the team, he had little experience running competitively.

Naughter is confident about the upcoming season and couldn’t be more proud of his running mates.

“This year we have a ton of guys who put in a lot of hard work over the summer and are looking to improve upon last year’s results,” said Naughter. “I believe we have a good chance of surprising a lot of teams and making our mark in the league.”

During his time as a captain, Naughter hopes to combine a great atmosphere with victory.

“Winning comes second to creating an outlet where kids can feel good, physically and mentally,” he said. “I want this season to be more than just three months of running.”

Like Naughter, Fraser started running cross country as a Junior and had little cross country experience.

He began his career in the training group and then worked his way up to earning a spot in the Interscholastic Championship race for the past two years.

Fraser expects that the team’s very large size will have a positive effect but wil also pose a challenge for the captains.

“Making sure everyone on the team is a part of the team will be a challenge, but it’s also a good thing because it’s all grades and a lot of different people, not just one group of friends or people on campus,” said Fraser.

The team placed fouth at the Interschols last year, and Fraser believes that the team can improve on that finish. In order for the team to top last year’s placement, Fraser said, “It’s important that everyone works as group because there aren’t any set runners.”

According to Naughter, there is no better way to describe this team than as a delicious salad.

“You’ve got some leafy greens, some hunks of chicken, plump tomatoes, and a bunch of croutons,” he said. “What I mean by this is that there’s all sorts of different people that together, create an awesome combination.”

The boys will be training hard until its season kicks off at Choate.