Keller’s Resignation Unrelated to Receipt of Child Pornography Charges

Head of School John Palfrey notified the Andover community on Friday that Dr. Richard Keller, former Medical Director, left his position at Andover in May 2011 for reasons unrelated to the former director’s Thursday morning arrest for alleged receipt of child pornography.

_This article is an update to previous coverage of the arrest of Dr. Richard Keller, former Medical Director. Click [here]( to view the original article._

The Academy informed Keller in April 2011 that his annual contract would not be renewed due to “professional misconduct unrelated to the charges Keller faces from the U.S. Attorneys’ Office,” wrote Palfrey in an e-mail to the Andover community.

Keller announced his resignation shortly thereafter, on May 24, 2011, according to a previous article in The Phillipian.

“We have no reason to believe that any of our students were involved in, or affected by, Dr. Keller’s alleged criminal behavior,” wrote Palfrey in his e-mail.

The school’s decision not to renew Keller’s contract was a result of multiple instances of professional misconduct by Keller. Palfrey outlined these circumstances in his e-mail: “In 1999, Dr. Keller was reprimanded for using an academy computer to access pornography involving adult subjects. In 2002, Dr. Keller was reprimanded for showing an inappropriate cartoon to students. Dr. Keller was also cited for poor management and poor judgment, which led the school to place him on administrative probation in 2009. In 2010, Dr. Keller sent an inappropriate voice-mail message to a colleague at the school.”

Palfrey’s e-mail continued: “Dr. Keller subsequently claimed that the school had discriminated against him. The school investigated Dr. Keller’s claim and determined it to be groundless. Upon conclusion of that investigation, the school informed Dr. Keller that his contract would not be renewed for violating his administrative probation.”

The Phillipian previously reported that Keller left the school to focus on raising a family and to seek new professional opportunities.