Peace of Mind

Over the span of several weeks, a series of malicious incidents has occurred in Johnson Hall. An individual (or individuals) has entered rooms, destroyed property and stolen personal belongings. With the culprit still at large, deans, house counselors, Graham House counselors, PAPS officers and even the Andover Police have been brought in to address the situation.

As word of the incident has spread, a sense of fear has begun to permeate the typically insulated Andover community. Students have been afraid to walk in the dark, many for the first time in their Andover careers. The silence that typically envelops campus in the evening with a sense of serenity has been replaced by a blanket of fear. This sentiment runs counter to the very ideals of Andover-to be challenged by rigorous academics and pushed to mature as individuals, not to worry about their safety as they walk back to their dorms after dark.

No group has been harder struck by this than the residents of Johnson Hall. The girls now double check to make sure their doors are locked even when they’re only leaving to use the bathroom. A place that should serve as students’ home away from home has morphed into an environment of suspicion and deceit. The trust between the girls in Johnson has been weakened.

This widespread impact is the culprit’s real crime. Breaking into rooms is wrong, stealing others’ property is disgraceful and vandalizing personal possessions is despicable. But, in a larger sense, whoever is responsible for the string of incidents has robbed the Johnson residents of their peace of mind. For them, the dorm is no longer safe.

As word has spread, the rest of the school now shares in Johnson’s instability and students question their safety in their own dorms. We’re all afraid and we shouldn’t have to be.

To whomever is directly responsible for these heinous acts, turn yourself in now. Come clean for the good of the community and save Andover from the distress and fear it doesn’t deserve.

This Editorial represents the views of The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXV.