Andover Night Live Highlights Under the Bed

“Hi, I am Mrs. Murrrrrrata!” announced Hemang Kaul ’13 as he pretended to be Aya Murata, the Pine Knoll Cluster Dean, came out dressed as a woman.

There were many gender changes at the past Saturday’s third annual Andover Night Live (ANL) featuring the student improvisational group Under the Bed and The Margaret Curtis Experience as the musical guest.

The students hassled and lined up outside of the Kemper Auditorium to catch the highly anticipated event.

ANL is a sketch comedy show much like NBC’s Saturday Night Live, only it features Andover’s Improv group and portrays students’ life at Andover.

“Andover Night Live started quite off handedly with an innocuous remark made by Mike MacKay which was taken seriously by the current head of Under the Bed, Eli Grober,” said Andrew Schlager ’12, the head of Under the Bed.

The Andover Night Live tradition continued with a hit with using a skit of “The Hunger Games.”

The Seniors took the roles of different Cluster Deans and Cluster Presidents who fought to the death in the Kemper stage in place of the arena.

“The Hunger Games skit was the funniest of the night,” said Elaine Chao ’14, “Brendan and Hemang definitely captured Murata’s and O’Neil’s best qualities.”

Kaul dressed as Murata strutted on stage to a song that had lyrics like “I’m gorgeous,” while Ben Romero ’12 swaggered through the Kemper stage as Matthew Hession, the Flagstaff Cluster Dean. Brendan O’Connell ’13 strode to the middle of the stage with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other as Myles O’Neil, the Cluster President of West Quad South.

O’Neil and Hession began to fight to the death arguing who was more handsome while simultaneously fixing their hair, but before they could dent each other’s beauty, Kaul as Murata stepped in between the two and said “Boys, stop fighting over me.”

Patrick Naughter ‘12 sang a few riffs as Julianna Wessels ’12, the Cluster President of West Quad North and Pearson Goodman ’13 grinned his way on the stage as Zach Sturman ’12, the Cluster President of Abbot.

In the end of “The Hunger Games,” with a special guest appearance by Lisa Joel, the Abbot Cluster Dean, the game was over with Joel dominating and winning the deadly games.

Laughs erupted from the audience in viewing all the skits, including the Hunger Games skit as well as the “Weekend Update” with Ceylon Auguste-Nelson ’12 and Ben Romero ’12, during which they did a segment called “Oh Really,” the Under the Bed’s classic game.

“Andover Night Live was even better than last year,” said Chao.

ANL seems to only get better throughout the years, leaving next year’s ANL definitely something to look forward to.

“Andover Night Live was really successful this year and it was fun performing for ANL, I had a great time. Everyone should come to ANL!” said Goodman.