Look of the Week: Miranda Haymon ’12

Miranda Haymon ’12 exemplifies idiosyncrasy. “Ugly is the new black,” she says, characterizing her fashion style as “extremely comfortable and “individualized.”

According to Haymon, “ugly” represents what is eye-catching and therefore striking. Haymon’s outfits give off a vibe of being effortlessly put together. Her fashion sense, true to her personality, is thus easy to piece.

“I wear whatever I feel like putting on, but I make sure it is unique and individualized. That’s why I enjoy wearing sweaters with outrageous patterns, cause I know that represents me,” said Haymon.

Haymon was quick to point out that her favorite fashion item is the vintage sweater.

“I love vintage sweaters because I like imagining others wearing the sweater and seeing how sometimes it only fits myself,” she said. “Also, I enjoy making up stories for these sweaters, imagining they come from perhaps an 80s school dance.”

The quirky patterns catch peoples’ eyes and make her outfits just a tad bit more spontaneous.

“I personally do not like fashion that is just boring in general. Wearing something outrageous can spark attention–and that is a good thing,” said Haymon. “However, you must still be economical. I personally buy solid color dresses so that I can wear them [as dresses and] as T-shirts.”

Haymon likes to get her everyday clothing at thrift stores, believing that only in these stores can you obtain clothing that is flashy yet beautiful. Accessories that look like an urban-themed bow, boat shoes and personalized Nike dunks are accessories that make up her wardrobe.

Describing her morning routine of just ten minutes, Haymon said, “I first pick the sweater, making sure it’s eccentric, then I pick leggings or tights. If pick leggings I find a bow and go. If I pick tights I choose a skirt and then a bow.” She added, “My choice of bows is what my hair calls for on that day.”

Haymon credits her inspiration to both hobos and Bill Cosby. She praises the comfortable dress of hobos and the outrageous sweaters Bill Cosby wears on a TV show. Haymon said, “I learned from the hobos how to dress comfortably and from Bill Cosby the concept of pushing the limits in fashion to display my personality.”