Campus is Cookin’:Frozen Yogurt Concoctions

Though it may not yet be as warm as summer, spring term paves the way for the excitement about the warm months to come. Iced tea, smoothies, popsicles and ice cream are all staples of summer. Though there isn’t always ice cream at Paresky Commons, frozen yogurt is a good reminder of the summer to come.

Even though frozen yogurt is a great treat in both the summer and throughout the term, eating frozen yogurt daily with every meal can become boring.

Add variation to everyday frozen yogurt with this recipe, which can be altered to different tastes.

Chocolate, Whipped Cream and Peanut Butter Deliciousness

Start out with the frozen yogurt flavor of your choice and fill up a plastic cup halfway. Then add two spoonfuls of regular peanut butter, as natural peanut butter is too creamy for this recipe.

Stir the frozen yogurt and peanut butter together, but not enough to melt the yogurt. Add whipped cream to the concoction and continue to stir.

Scoop two spoonfuls of chocolate chips into a small bowl and melt them in the microwave for two minutes, watching carefully to make sure they don’t burn. Let the chocolate cool for one minute. Next, pour the chocolate on top of the sundae.

Add sprinkles, marshmallows, strawberries or peaches, depending on what you prefer.

For a change, try making a s’mores sundae. Mix marshmallows, chocolate frozen yogurt, melted chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs for a reminder of those summer camping days.

This recipe was suggested by Danielle Liu ’14.