Disc Skills Lacking

Andover Ultimate initially jumped to a 4-0 lead against Newton North High School but then faltered and dropped its season opener 10-13. The young Andover team needs to work on throwing and catching technique, but it did show potential despite the loss and made up for lack of experience with athleticism and hustle. “We had a bunch of completely brand-new players who ended up playing a lot and doing very well. They covered a lot in the game that we haven’t done in practice yet,” said Coach Scott Hoenig. Dylan Gully ’12 said, “We don’t have many games at the start of the season, so it’s important to get the new kids in before tournament time to get ready.” Newcomer Graeme Henderson ’14 scored the first point well into the game after catching a pass from Gully. Newton North is a very strong team, one that Andover Ultimate will face again at the Amherst Invitational at the end of the season. Against Newton North, Andover demonstrated that it has a long way to go in terms of technique. “We all know that we have an incredible athletic group of kids, but I think we still need to work on cutting and offense. We need to work on the cuts in and out, just to make them sharper. The kids on the team are some of the fastest in the league, but we haven’t been able to show that yet,” Co-Captain Brandon Wong ’12 said. Wong plans to lead the team through hard practices to get the team into shape before the New England Championships and the Amherst Invitational. Andover Ultimate has big shoes to fill, as the past few seasons have been very successful. “[The game’s result] was about what I thought it would be,” Hoenig said. “Newton North is a really quality opponent. They made fewer mistakes than we did overall, but I’m actually pretty happy with the way we played for the first game of the season.” Andover looks forward to its next game against Andover High School on Wednesday.