Cluster Council Officers Elected

Filling out student government for 2012-2013 school year, the elections of new Cluster Presidents, Disciplinary Committee (DC) Representatives, Senior Representatives, Day Student Representatives and Social Functions Heads took place during All-Cluster Meetings on Wednesday. JJ Hayward ’13 was elected Abbot Cluster President, Matthew Abrahamsen ’13 Flagstaff Cluster President, Olivia Bren ’13 Pine Knoll Cluster (PKN) President, Topher Hedley ’13 West Quad North Cluster President and Angela Batuure ’13 West Quad South Cluster President. Bren said that she is excited “to have a seat at Dean’s Table, to get PKN’s voice heard in the entire school [and] to work closely with Ms. [Aya] Murata [Pine Knoll Cluster Dean], especially in her last year as Cluster Dean.” Batuure said that she was “shocked” when she found out that she had been elected. “I am very happy and excited, and I can’t wait to start getting some of my ideas done,” she said. “Here in Abbot, we have a great group of cluster officials next year,” wrote Hayward in an e-mail to The Phillipian. “I feel that all of us in Abbot leadership positions are good friends, which in my opinion will make next year’s Abbot Cluster one to remember.” w Hedley said, “It felt really good to get elected because I had spent all year going to Cluster Council meetings, and I feel like Cluster [Council] has become a major part of my life at Andover. I’m excited to continue on that path.” Abrahamsen said that he has wanted to run for Cluster President since the winter of his Lower year, his first at Andover. He said, “I feel like Flagstaff is my family. The cluster is very supportive of what I do on campus, and I just wanted to be part of how this family functions as a whole.” This year, at least one race in each cluster went uncontested. Murata wrote in an e-mail to The Phillipian, “There is often an ebb and flow of interest in cluster positions depending on the year and the rising Senior class.” Bren won the presidency of Pine Knoll uncontested. In Abbot Cluster, Hayward will work with Paul Turiano ’13, Senior Representative, Victor Liu ’13, Day Student Representative, and Jason Nawrocki ’13 and Brendan O’Connell ’13, Social Functions Co-Heads. Claudia Giles ’13 and Elaine Sohng ’13 will be Abbot’s DC Representatives. Typically, each cluster has one male and one female DC Representative, but this year, no males in Abbot Cluster ran for the position. Last year, because no female Uppers ran for the position, Abbot Cluster had two male DC Representatives, one of the first instances in which a cluster had two representatives of the same gender, according to a past article in The Phillipian. In Abbot, the races for Day Student Representative and DC Representative were uncontested. Stephanie Petrella ’13 originally planned to run for DC Representative, but dropped out of the race after becoming a Blue Key Head. Instead of running against each other, the two candidates running for Social Functions Head, Nawrocki and O’Connell, decided to work together as Co-Heads. In Flagstaff Cluster, joining Abrahamsen will be Meaghan Haugh ’13, Senior Representative, Scott Livingston ’13 and Susanna Rademacher ’13, DC Representatives, and Poonam Kamdar ’14, Day Student Representative. Elaine Chao ’14, Garrick Gu ’13, Vanessa Merino ’13 and Dulguun Tuvshintugs ’13 will be the Social Functions Co-Heads. This year, the races for Flagstaff’s DC Representatives, Day Student Representative, and Social Functions Co-Heads were uncontested. In Pine Knoll Cluster, Bren will be joined by Greg Fulcher ’13, Senior Representative, Billy O’Donnell ’13 and Dre Vargas ’13, DC Representatives, Jimmy Hunter ’13, Day Student Representative, and AJ Pisch ’13 and Ben Yi ’14, Social Functions Co-Heads. The race for Social Function Co-Head in PKN was uncontested this year. In West Quad North, Hedley will work with Audrey Burnim ’13, Senior Representative, Erin Wong ’13 and Josh Tartell ’13, DC Representatives, Julia Smachlo ’13, Social Functions Head, and Jason Canavan ’14, Upper Day Student Representative. Cam Morose ’13 will serve as Senior Day Student Representative, an uncontested position this year. For the second consecutive year, West Quad North is the only cluster to have both an Upper and Senior Day Student Representative serving on Cluster Council. Joining Batuure on West Quad South’s Cluster Council will be Malynna Mam ’13, Senior Representative, Julie Doar ’13 and Chris Amendano ’13, DC Representatives, Caroline Lu ’15, Day Student Representative, and Meghana Jayam ’14 and Caroline Chen ’14, Social Function Co-Heads. The races for West Quad South’s Senior Representative and male DC Representative were uncontested.