Newcomers Have Big Shoes to Fill

With only half of the team returning this season, Boys Varsity Tennis must rely on several talented newcomers to carry on its success. Last year, the team had an undefeated 14-0 season that ended with a Class A New England Championship.

“It’s tough to tell [how our season will play out] having lost our top two players, Mark Adamsson ’11 and Peter Heidrich ’11, who were a really important part of the team, but we are hopeful that we can continue to perform on a high level like we did last season,” said Malachi Price ’13.

Prospective players are playing challenge matches to determine the lineup and to figure out who will make the team this season. The ladder will be solidified by Friday.

James Heaney ’14 said, “There are several players who can make a huge impact and get us some good wins.”

Currently, Heaney and Captain Alasdair McClintic ’13 are competing for the number one spot on the ladder. Malachi Price ’13 and Alec Buck ’13 are vying for the third spot and the rest of the competitors are playing for the fifth and sixth slots.

The players have been playing both singles and doubles, as Coach Gregory Wilkin finalizes the roster. One strong doubles pair is McClintic and Heaney, who are playing very consistently.

Heaney said about McClintic, “[he] will help build the team because he is a great player and leader.” McClintic has been a part of the team since his freshman year and has moved up the ladder since then.

This season, Boys Varsity Tennis will be hosting the majority of its matches, with the hope of utilizing its home-field advantage.

The team will have a better idea of where it stands when it faces BB&N on April 4.