Kiss-Rusk ’12 Knocks NMH

Andover Girls Basketball displayed dominance over its opponent on Friday by defeating NMH 51-46 and thus continued its win streak. Assistant Coach Lewis Robinson called Friday’s triumph the team’s “finest game of the year.” Andover got off to a shaky start, as it was unable to find an offensive rhythm, but it maintained hard-nosed defense to stay in the game. Amanda Simard ’13 said, “We rebounded, ran the court and worked together a lot better as a team. We gelled on the court which was a huge triumph and truly spectacular.” Andover attacked NMH with full force in the second half. Alex Kiss-Rusk ’12 and Assistant Captain Kaylie Williams ’12 teamed up to score the first three baskets of the half. “Kiss-Rusk showcased her dominance, scoring off the block with her left hand, sinking long jumpers and drawing fouls,” said Robinson. In total, Kiss-Rusk contributed 26 points, four blocks and 10 rebounds. Williams also proved key to the victory, as she scored on two three-point plays and held the NMH defense at bay. Although the team brought its lead to eight points in the second half, it allowed NMH to come within two in the waning seconds of the game. However, in two critical possessions when Andover needed to break NMH’s offensive rhythm, defense came through. Katie Kreider ’14 shined in the spotlight when she grabbed an offensive rebound and went back up with the ball to score. On the next play, Co-Captain Leah Humes ’12 hit a free throw and sealed Andover’s victory. Throughout the game, Humes radiated poise and displayed her efficiency and speed as a point guard spot. Alexis Walker ’12 led the defense once again, as she dove after loose balls and locked down her NMH opponent. Going into the last game of the season, the team will taper down during practices because it looks to recover completely from any injuries or soreness in order to be ready for the season finale against Exeter on Saturday.