JV Roundup: JV1 Boys Basketball

Boys JV1 Basketball won nine games in a row before dropping a game to Exeter. Key to the team’s 10-4 season heroics was its speed, demonstrated through numerous fast breaks leading to easy baskets.

Although Andover lost to Exeter by a score of 50-59, Andover had several convincing plays which brought the game within reach.

On one play, after an Andover player missed a free throw, the team boxed out and demonstrated its aggressive mentality. After an Exeter player secured the ball, Rob Rush ’14 dove in, ripping the ball from the opponent and shooting the ball off the glass for two points and a free throw.

On another play, as Exeter tried to pass the ball down court for a fast break, Chris Holstein ’14 snagged the ball with an acrobatic leap and tipped it to Larry Flynn ’13.

The team displayed its shooting skills in the final minutes of the game. Holstein was on fire and made three three-pointers in a span of three minutes. Flynn and Kene Adigwe ’14 added a three-pointer each to bring Andover within striking distance, but the team could not pull through in the end.

Looking ahead to next season, the team’s younger players will be looking to improve on lessons learned this year. With a successful 10-4 campaign overall, there is much to be proud of.