Look of the Week: Hirsh Chitkara ’14 Fashion with Elegance and Practicality

Hirsh Chitkara ’14, from Springfield, OH, has a sophisticated yet natural grace when it comes to fashion.

“I believe that people should choose clothes that are comfortable, especially in this weather, and clothes that are simple and elegant” said Chitkara.

Chitkara’s typical outfit for a slightly chilly winter day would be a bright-colored V-neck knit sweater on top of a short sleeved t-shirt, matched with fitted dark blue jeans and desert boots. He believes in keeping everyday clothes classy but not too showy.

His favorite formal outfit includes a charcoal grey wool suit with a light-blue, wide-collared dress shirt, white striped silk pocket square, a yellow tie and polished brown leather shoes.

“I like it when clothes are nicely fitted and outline a person’s frame well,” said Chitkara.

Chitkara, however, warns that wearing clothes that are too tight can appear very tacky and be displeasing for others to look at.

Chitkara bases his fashion coordination on fashion tips from GQ Magazine, advice from his two sisters and inspiration from his travels. Among all his sources, he picked his sisters as the main roots of inspiration for his fashion.

“Having grown up with two sisters, I trust them with my appearance. They give good advice on what to wear, and they are usually the ones to shop with me,” said Chitkara.

With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day, Chitkara reflects on the ideal Valentine’s Day outfit.

He said, “Boys should dress a tad bit formal if they have a Valentine, but not over the top, as that looks desperate.”

For girls, Chitkara said, “Dress to impress but make sure it is pretty and not promiscuous at all.”

For his Valentine’s Day outfit, Chitkara coordinated a collared shirt with his favorite item–a V-neck sweater.

Chitkara also raises some points about the emerging changes in the fashion world.

“For male fashion, especially in Andover, I think there will be an emergence of more preppy clothing. Accessories such as male bags will start to spring up,” said Chitkara.

Although looking to fashion trends and inspiration can be helpful, Chitkara encourages people to find and define their own style.

“Getting caught up in brand names is a bad thing. I think people shouldn’t conform to clothing styles just because [the brand] is popular,” said Chitkara. “Be yourself and don’t conform to other peoples styles. Find something you like and you feel comfortable with.”

“Don’t be afraid to add spice. Some color is always good in an outfit. Standing out from a pool of gray and black colored clothing pieces is a bold and respectable notion,” Chitkara added.

Despite stressing the aesthetic aspects of fashion, Chitkara also reminds people to remain practical in accordance with weather conditions.

”Especially in the cold Andover winter, remember to stay comfortable and warm. A smart idea is to layer a lot, therefore you can remove layers when you are in classrooms or what not. Practical clothing items could include cashmere sweaters and gloves,” said Chitkara.

“Let your fashion sense give others a strong impression of who you are, as that’s one of the roles of fashion, to let others see the beauty within you,” said Chitkara.