Counsel from the Council

Fellow Phillipians,

Congratulations on reaching the midterm. It has been quite a while since I last wrote in, and a lot has changed. Adele won six Grammy awards, Whitney Houston passed away, and we are now one week into election season. As sad as it will be to step down, I am most certainly looking forward to who will step up.

As of now, we have 14 candidates in pursuit of the presidency, all of whom come with original and innovative ideas. Their ideas, however, are not the most important ones: yours are. In the early stages of the election process, it’s really important to voice your ideas to the candidates.

We have instituted an election process with tight budget constraints and strict poster regulation in an effort to build and preserve a true meritocracy. This time, we can be sure candidates will be elected primarily based on their ideas. By hopefully presenting you, the student body, with a system where the candidates will be presented equally, we can work together to elect the best school president possible.

So, I ask you to question, maybe even grill the candidates on their ideas. It’s their platforms that count, and by knowing your candidates, you can know where to place your vote. At the same time, remember the $50 budget limit and the guidelines regarding posters, and if something during this election process feels out of place, please write me ( Just like the Department of Homeland Security’s motto, “If you see something, say something.”

Also if you have any questions or ideas, write me as well. From here on, I will select a few questions every week to which I will provide a published response. No matter what’s on your mind (ideas, questions, etc.), please do not hesitate to write me. I want to make sure I address everything I possibly can before the end of the year. I’m only an e-mail away…

As for the next president, he or she will not take office until next Fall. So even though I may soon be a lame duck, by this spring I will still strive to finish the platform I set out to accomplish. Look forward to some surprise announcements coming from Student Council soon. As always, thank you for your attention and best of luck in selecting the next president. I am sure you, the student body, will pick well.

Until next time…

Best Regards,

Uday R. Singh