Top-Scorer Brown ’13 Wipes Worcester Out

Andover Girls Basketball blew out Worcester on Saturday by an overwhelming score of 63-39. In the second half alone, Andover outscored Worcester 27-13. Captain Leah Humes ’12 and Alexis Walker ’12 directed Andover’s offense, making crisp passes and finding post players in the paint.

To overcome Worcester’s defense, which involved a two defender trap, Assistant Captain Kaylie Williams ’12, Alex Kisk-Rusk ’12 and Maggie Brown ’13 grabbed numerous offensive rebounds that lead to easy put-back points. Brown, Kiss-Rusk and Williams all scored in double digits, leading the team with 19, 18 and 12 points, respectively.

Assistant Coach Lewis Robinson said, “Kiss-Rusk’s versatility and her ability to score from the elbow, block and baseline was vital. On top of that were Brown’s persistence and toughness, William’s energy and competitive fire and Humes’ magnificent leadership and confidence with the ball. All these qualities put together really helped us win the game.”

On defense, Andover utilized its speed. Andover’s defense slid from a man-man to a double team on the ball handler’s “blind side” subsequently created steals and turnovers. Walker’s tight defense was particularly important, as she shut down Worcester’s top scorer.

Robinson said, “Our strategy going into the game was to take care of the ball and to be loud and assertive on defense, and we really took care of these goals.”

One concern for Andover was early fouls. The team will need to focus more on limiting the opposing shooter’s vision rather than acting on the tendency to want to block shots.

Andover continued its streak on Monday, defeating Brooks by a score of 55-37. The win was a huge upset for Brooks, a team that was coming off of an eight game winning streak.

Amanda Simard ’13 said, “We’ve really improved our team dynamic. We’re working really hard and cohesively and that played a major role in our ability to beat Brooks.”

The team will emphasize quick play and rebounding in practice to prepare for its showdown on Saturday against rival Phillips Exeter Academy.