After 28 Issues, CXXXIV Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

Sheltered from the chill of a winter evening, members of The Phillipian Board CXXXIV bustled into the newsroom for the last time as they prepared to hand the paper over to the new Phillipian Board CXXXV.

This issue marks the last for CXXXIV and the first for CXXXV.

Samuel Green ’13, former Copy Associate, will succeed Maxwell Block ’12 as Editor in Chief.

Block said, “CXXXV has a high ceiling, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do. I’m going to miss having access to the optimal Ripstik zone in the universe, which is, of course, the newsroom.”

“I look forward to seeing Sam shape the legacy of CXXXV for the history of The Phillipian,” Block continued.

Green said, “Max and the rest of CXXXIV are leaving the paper in really good shape, and I hope to continue that trend. They’ve set a really high standard for editorials, and I think my goal is to maintain that high standard and possibly even surpass it.”

Brian Delaney ’12, Executive Editor, Apsara Iyer ’12, News Director, and Eve Simister ’12, Managing Editor, will also complete their tenure on Upper Management.

CXXXV will inherit a new structure of Upper Management, with two Managing Editors and no News Director.

Executive Editor Connie Cheng ’13, former News Associate, Managing Editor Greg Cameron ’13, former Sports Associate, and Managing Editor Nicole Ng ’13, former Arts Associate, will join Green on CXXXV’s Upper Management.

Delaney said, “I was once told by a great philosopher that running The Phillipian is like being behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Let’s hope CXXXV doesn’t crash it.”

“My new free time will be split between destroying Larken Kemp [’13] in NCAA Football 2012, getting ready for baseball, training turtles with Vito Capuano [’12], and yeah, I’ll probably do some work in there too,” Delaney added.

“I’m going to miss the smell of coffee because I really hate the taste, and I probably won’t be in a room with so much coffee and so little air flow for the rest of my life,” said Delaney.

Simister said, “I’m going to miss the taste of coffee, but starting this weekend I’m going to nap indefinitely.”

About her successors, Simister added, “I’m really excited. I doubled! I’m confident that the Greg and Nicole will make an unstoppable managing team.”

“Everyone seems so happy to have people to replace them,” said Iyer, “It was so great seeing everyone rejoice with their counterpart, but for me there was no one. I feel so sad.”

She added, “The new board is extremely capable and I look forward to watching the paper grow. I’m going to have to figure out how to sleep again.”

Green added, “But no matter how hard I try, I don’t think I’ll ever reach Max’s level on hairstyle quality or math and physics problems. What’s going to happen the next time The Phillipian has to answer a math question for the school?”

Former Copy Associate Maia Hirschler ’13 will succeed Kennedy Edmonds ’12 as Front Page Editor and will also inherit the Copy Section from Madeline McClintic ’12, former Copy Editor.

Edmonds said, “Having worked on this paper since my Lower year, I’m going to be sad to leave. Also, my fears about Maia’s spelling ability are going to keep me from enjoying my new time to sleep.”

McClintic said, “I am confident that Maia will guide the Copy section to new heights. I am still waiting on a reference for my hard work and dedication in shaping Samuel [Green] to be the Editor in Chief that I knew he would become.”

Jing Qu ’13, former Photography Editor, will become Director of Production, a position that last appeared on the masthead of CXXXIII.

Qu said, “I want to be just like Adam [Levine ’11, Director of Production CXXXIII], but not as hairy.”

Christopher Hedley ’13, former Head of Circulation and Advertising Associate, will serve in the newly created position of Director of Operations.

Director of Production, Director of Operations and Front-Page Editor are considered Executive Officers.

CXXXV’s News Editors, Connor Fraser ’13 and Jessica Lee ’13, former News Associates, will take over from Andrew Cho ’12, Noël Um ’12 and Dennis Zhou ’12.

Um said, “I will miss our beloved News section, because, in the wise words of Max Block, our incredible Asian-ness complemented each other well.”

Raeva Kumar ’13, Zach Merchant ’13 and Christiana Nguyen ’13, former Commentary Associates, will succeed Derek Farquhar ’12 and Thea Raymond-Sidel ’12 as Commentary Editors.

Raymond-Sidel said, “The new Commentary Editors seem nice. I don’t know. I’ve never really met them. Their names sound nice.”

“This turnover is so quixotic,” she added.

Former Arts Associate Sarah Lee ’13 will become the Arts and Leisure Editor, replacing Tafarii McKenzie ’12 and Ray Thamthieng ’12.

Thamthieng said, “Even though Sarah is the only Arts Editor, I’m confident that we’re leaving Arts in good hands.”

She added, “I’ll miss taking funny photos on Photo Booth with the associates.”

Alexi Bell ’13, Kevin Fung ’13 and Kristin Mendez ’13, former Sports Associates, will take over from Calvin Aubrey ’12, Blake Grubbs ’12, Jamie Shenk ’12 and Anthony Tedesco ’12 as Sports Editors.

Shenk said, “I will miss being Max’s personal cheddar bunny courier and using Alexi Bell for her Snuggie.”

Features Editors Colton Dempsey ’12 and Ricky Goldstein ’12 will leave the section in the hands of Pearson Goodman ’13 and Hemang Kaul ’13, former Features Associates. Goodman and Kaul will be joined by Larken Kemp ’13, Features Senior Associate.

Scott Diekema ’14 and Stephen Moreland ’14, former Photography Associates, will take over the section as Photo Editors, replacing Marie Liu ’12 and Qu.

Liu said, “My field of vision has suddenly grown to see much more than what I could from behind the lens of a camera. But I’ll miss the crick in my neck.”

Patrick Naughter ’13 will replace Cameron Hastings ’12, Madeline Kim ’12 and Kell Yang-Sammataro ’12 as Cartooning Director.

Walter Chacón ’13 will replace Hedley as Head of Circulation. Mike Boyle ’13 and Jack Ward ’13 will round out the Delivery team, replacing Charlie Budney ’12, Derrick Choi ’12 and Joe Kruy ’12.

Former Advertising Associate Matt Deorocki ’13 will succeed Danny Gottfried ’12 as Advertising Director.

Min Jae Yoo ’12, Business Manager, will leave his position to Conor Soules ’13, former Business Associate.

Jaclyn Higgins ’12, Co-Head of Phillipian Online, will be replaced by Greg Hosono ’14, former Online Associate. Eric Ouyang ’13 will continue for another year as Co-Head of Phillipian Online.

The newly established Phillipian Video section will be headed by new board members Fred Lee ’13 and Jenny Zeng ’13.