Scharf ’12 Snipes Two in a Row; Blue Lazer Eagles Get Redemption

Two dodgeballs in hand, Ben Scharf ’12 faced two A-Team opponents in the Blue Lazer Eagles’ (BLE) championship game in the annual dodgeball tournament on Saturday. Sniping both players with ease, Scharf won the tournament for his team to redeem the BLE’s championship loss to the Day Student Express in 2011.

Each of the 18 squads in the tournament, garbed in everything from lacrosse pinnies to Superman underwear, gathered to be introduced to the large crowd of students in Case Memorial Cage.

BLE faced a tough road to the finals, defeating talented teams made up primarily of Seniors such as the Pink Panthers and Rocket Power.

Scharf said, “In the game against Rocket Power, there was a lot of chirping back and forth, but we got of to a good start eliminating two of their best players and then just keep going until we won fairly handily.”

Overall, Scharf was impressed by his team’s dominance. He said, “We had a lot of momentum throughout the tournament, and we were never really losing in any of the matches. This helped a lot because we had more people in to hit the other players.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bracket, The A Team was making a strong run at the championship, defeating Bo$$ Clan in the quarterfinals.

For most, dodgeball is just fun and games, but for Bo$$ Clan, it is much, much more.

Team member David Russell ’12 said, “We’d been preparing for this event for a couple months. We started training mid-August, and my dad was able to hire a German trainer for us. The team was put together, and we felt really confident about our chances, but we faced some difficulty with Chris Nanda’s pulled out shoulder, and I think that really cost us the game.”

In the semifinals, the remaining teams’ dreams of winning the tournament came into sight. The Day Student Express, dodgeball powerhouse and back to back champions in 2010 and 2011, took the court against The A Team. After an exhilarating match including diving catches by JJ Hayward ’13 and Tim Salvadore ’15, DSE perished while The A Team advanced to the finals.

“This year was a total failure for the Day Student Express,” said DSE veteran Tom Palleschi ’12. “DSE is an organization that was founded upon the concept of winning.”

Though frustrated with the loss, Palleschi had good words to say about his opponents and the future of DSE. He continued, “We are disappointed with the outcome of the tournament for us this year but would like to extend our congratulations to this year’s champs. I have complete faith in our returners for next year to get the best day students to continue the tradition of excellence and redeem this year’s loss.”

With so much on the line, the passion in the Cage was tangible in the championship as BLE and The A Team toed the line and waited for the whistle. The match looked even at the start, but BLE slowly dwindled The A Team’s numbers down to two. It took Scharf only two throws to eliminate the remaining two to dispose of The A Team and take the crown.

“It was what all kids dream about in their back yards,” said Myles O’Neill ’12. “It was fourth and long with our backs against the wall, bottom of the ninth, the 90th minute and it was like we knocked our three point buzzer beater out of the park. As I was rounding the bases I thought to myself, do you believe in miracles? Yes, yes I do.”