“Laugh-in-Peace” Tour to Come to Andover

Tonight at 8 p.m. in Tang Theatre, cultures will come together under comedy in the critically acclaimed “Laugh-in-Peace” stand up comedy show.

The “Laugh-in-Peace” tour is presented by the Muslim Student Union and the Jewish Student Union (JSU) and features the creator of the tour, Rabbi Bob Alper, who will be performing with Muslim comedian Mohammed “Mo” Amer.

Charlotte Aaron, Co-Head of JSU, said, “The event will be hilarious, as we [will] be seeing a Rabbi and a Muslim getting along and joking around.”

Rabbi Alper is well known for his international stand-up comedy, holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary and has performed over 100 shows with his comedic Muslim partners, according to his website,

According to CNN, Alper is self-described as, “The world’s only practicing clergyman doing stand-up comedy… intentionally.”

Amer, from Houston, Tex., has performed comedy in over two dozen countries and is dubbed the “Arab-American Bill Cosby,” according to his website, Amer is also the first and only Arab-American refugee to perform for United States armed forces overseas.

The “Laugh-in-Peace” tour will present both comedians and will promote art and understanding between the two cultures, with the intent of dispelling misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Judaism. Using a comedic approach, Alper and Amer will address the problems of religion, terror and politics between the two cultures.

The “Los Angeles Times” wrote in a review of the tour, “The touring stand-up duo are on the same side, and now there’s a smile-shaped crack in the wall between their long-warring peoples.”

In addition to providing an evening of stomach-clenching humor, the show will also bring awareness and perspective to the Andover community.

The Jewish Student Union and Muslim Student Union decided that the tour would be a good way to promote an understanding and start discussions on the recent controversial issues in Israel, according to Aaron.

Tailor Dortona ’12, Co-Head of JSU, said, “[The show] is a chance for students of all religious backgrounds to learn about a culture. Shedding light on current issues through laughter is the easiest way to ease conversations centered around controversial topics.”

Rabbi Michael Swarttz, Phillips Academy Jewish Chaplain, said, “The tour will entertain the audience while at the same time deliver a message of healing and understanding.”

The “Laugh-in-Peace” tour is also part of JSU’s Jewish Culture Weekend, a weekend intended to promote the awareness understanding of Jewish culture.

The show at Andover is free and open to the public, and will be accompanied by a bake sale outside of Tang Theatre at 7:30p.m.